Beyond the Bright Sea

written by Luna Johnson

A good story. All you have to do is press start reading.

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Her Life

Chapter 2
Crow's whole life she did not shake anybody's hand besides Josh's and Ms. Maggie's another person who cared for her but was the doctor of the small little town they lived in. One day she was walking around her house to deliver a bucket of water when she heard around the corner Ms. Maggie and Josh were talking about something. She placed the bucket of water carefully and quietly on the ground and went to go eavesdrop on them. It was a while before she heard she deserves the right to know so then she knew they were talking about her behind her back. Then she came out from the corner of the house and said, "What do I deserve the right to know?" "You should not be eavesdropping on someone Crow." Josh said. "No she is right Josh she does have the right to know." Then right then she learned why people would not want to shake her hand. Ms. Maggie said, "It is because people think that you came from Penkinese and others think you might be a leper." "What is a leper?" Crow asked. "It is a person with a disease called leprousious." Josh replied. "It is a very deadly and contagious disease" Ms. Maggie said. "But you do not think I have it do you?" Crow asked concerned. "No of course not. Neither of us do or else we would not have taken you in." Ms. Maggie said in reply. Then Crow walked off to put the bucket of water inside the house.
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