Beyond the Bright Sea

written by Luna Johnson

A good story. All you have to do is press start reading.

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The Tragic Night

Chapter 3
That same night that she found out why people were afraid of her she smelled something in the air. It smelled of smoke and fire and ashes. Crow went outside to see what it was and she saw a fire all the way across on Penkinese or what she was told was Penkinese. She looked around to see if anyone was there. No one was so she sailed off to the island of Penkinese and no one ever saw her again. Some people think that she drowned in the water because the boat might have had whole in it. Some people think that she ran off but she saw there was nowhere to go so she swam to nowhere and drowned. But I know the real reason of where that girl went. If you want to know why and what it is flip to the next chapter.
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