Those Who Have Died for Harry Potter

written by Liv Brownie <3

Many people have died for Harry Potter and I'm going to tell you the most memorable ones and more

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Top 10 Most Memorable Deaths(to me at least)

Chapter 1
1. Of course this one is one that nobody should forget is James Potter and Lily Potter since it happens at the beginning, but have you ever wondered what would have happened if they didn't die? Please tell me what you think.
2. One o the deaths that made me cry is when Harry's godfather Sirius Black dies. Sirius was like a father to Harry and when he died I couldn't help myself but cry. He was Harry's last shot to be in a real family. I think the thing that did it for me was when the book said that Harry would not believe himself that Sirius was gone forever. But then another moment when Harry was going to let Voldemort kill him at The Battle of Hogwarts he got to see some of the other people who died and one of those people was Sirius and that also made me sad again knowing that he had to be reminded that it was his fault that he died. (although it was Kreachers fault) another sad part about this death was that Sirius' cousin Bellatrix killed him.
3. I know most of you guys who are reading this will not agree with me on a few of these and the order I put them in but to me the next one is Fred Weasley. It might not be so sad for you but for me it is and again tell me what you think about the order and the reasons. The Battle of Hogwarts is a historic event in the magical world and there were so many deaths that I can not list all of them and I will not get ALL of the deaths but I will get the most memorable ones. In the books it also says that Fred died with a smile on his face because when a spell from Bellatrix hit him when he was saying that he never seen Percy joke. But another sad part about this one was that Freds twin George named his son after his lost brother.
4. Another death at The Battle of Hogwarts was Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. The other sad part about this death was that Tonks just had a baby named Edward Teddy Lupin. Edward was raised after is grandmother after his parent's deaths. Harry was his godfather.
5. Albus Dumbledore should be up more in the list and all but it's fine. Dumbledore was very close to Harry and so when he died Harry tried to take revenge on Snape since he killed Albus and not Draco. It is sad that Dumbledore died but you have to remember that he and Snape planned his death. He knew he had to die so that Voldemort would not win. Although in the end Voldemort did get the wand but Harry defeated him.
6. Voldemort and Bellatrix had a baby who would have guessed that! to bad the baby girl became an orphan after a few months. even though her parents were bad didn't mean she deserved this. Bellatrix got hit by a spell casted by Molly Weasley you could say it was revenge for her son's death or you could say it was because Bellatrix was in a duel with her daughter and Molly didn't want to lose another child so she stepped in or you could say it was both. her last words were" What will happen to your children once I've killed you? When mummy's gone the same way as Freddie" Voldemort got what he deserved in the end. Harry destroyed the magical wand but not before repairing his own wand. the wand recognized Harry as the true owner of the wand.
7. Snape may not have been "good" in the first 6 books but I mean say the person you despise the most bullies you every day at school and your crush that you have liked for a long time ends up marrying and having a baby with your enemy you would be pretty mad yourself especially if your crush dies and all there is to remind you every single day and their baby looks exactly like your enemy but has your crushes eyes and you have to look at them every single day. I'm sure you'll take out all your anger on their child or something like that. I don't know. Love is crazy sometimes.
8. When Dobby me AND my sister cried so much. I mean if a magical creature and you are friends for a long time and he breaks you and your other people friends from your enemies house and your enemy's aunt throws a knife and tries to kill you and the elf saves your life and gets killed in the process I mean it's sad and if anyone laughs at it.....IT'S NOT FUNNY. if anyone laughs at any of the deaths I am listing you are heartless or your just the devil in disguise. It's sad really . Dobby's last words were"Harry...Potter..."
9. Mad-eye died helping Harry escape and a few things that is sad about his death is that nobody found his body, he knew that if anyone attacked that he was risking his life to help Harry and another sad thing about his death was that that evil woman "Professor Umbridge" had his eye on her evil door. I am soooooo happy that Dolores went to Azkaban for her crimes against Muggle-born because not all of them survived.
10. Harry saw Cedric Diggory die and that is why he can see Thestrals but I have a very serious question about that and tell me what you think so if you've seen death you can see the creatures but he first sees them in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix but wouldn't he be able to see them in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer or Philosopher stone because Harry's mother was right by his crib trying to save him and Voldemort killed her right by his crib and in the movie you can see that baby Harry saw her fall so is it because when you're a baby you don't remember much. I don't know I have thought of that question for a long time. but anyways Cedric died because he and Harry touched the cup but it ended up as a portkey to Voldemort and he killed "the spare" and in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child his second eldest son tries to save Cedric but ends up ruining everything.
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