Ten types of people in roleplay

written by Noelle

When you roleplay, it's great to have a mask to hide behind and create a fake personality. What types of people are there in roleplay? Read to find out! (This is not a serious book and I usually only post stories but I decided to have some fun)

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Types of people in roleplay

Chapter 1
1. The "I need a roleplay quick" kind
They go around and post requests for roleplay everywhere because they are way too bored and nobody is posting an interesting starter but hey, you can't blame them. When you meet a person like this, just go ahead and roleplay with them because they're not that bad.
2. Quick repliers
These people spend every second reloading their page :3 Just kidding, but they do make an effort to reply on time which could make things fun though a bit stressful because you might feel like you are obliged to reply immediately too. That could be extremely entertaining to watch.
3. Slow repliers
After you reply, they take ages to reply... Maybe even a day... This might not be their fault. Maybe they are busy, maybe they don't feel like refreshing the page too many times, maybe they have a different timezone and have to go offline... Do not hate on slow repliers please.
4. Absolutely into their character
A LOT of characterisation, which is actually really cool if you think about it. If they have an amazing backstory, then the roleplay could get really fun when you are digging out backstories. Unfortunately, you have to devise a plan to help them get to the backstory parts.
5. Not much effort
Sometimes, some people just give you a short stretch of conversation back that does not contribute to the roleplay plot-building. Try to avoid being too unhelpful in the roleplay and all.
6. Long paragraph repliers
This is nothing bad! They are eager to contribute to the plot and help build an engaging story! Of course, they can sometimes forget that you want to help build the plot too, so gently do a bit of contribution to remind them that you are in this roleplay too. Of course, most of them don't actually forget that you're there, so don't feel sad about it :)
7. Grammar inconsistencies
Unfortunately, I belong heavily in this group. They hop and swap the tenses in their roleplay, but that is okay. You can still have fun with them and it should not matter to you unless you are a Grammar Auror in which case please refrain from yelling at them when you give them your small reminder...
8. Multi-characters
They have two or more characters for you to choose from! In fact, they sometimes even use both in the roleplay! Usually, all though this is not true for everyone, they will have a "and others" behind their chosen character name to hint to you that they are never limited to just one character.
9. Personality changers
They will change their roleplay character's personality depending on the situation. One roleplay they can be a sweet, shy nerd, the next they will be a mysterious person, the next they are tough and dependable. They modify their characters well based on your preference, so I don't see why not.
10.The quitter
All roleplays eventually die down. At least, from what I have seen. And when that happens, people no longer reply to each other and basically forget about this roleplay. For a roleplay to fully die down might take a while because sometimes one person might see the roleplay and think: Oh, let me continue this and the other person will receive a notification and continue it again. But roleplays don't last forever. That's okay. Just have fun, and know that the characters of you and your friend have developed a new bond that will be buried deeply in your memories.
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