One girl. One dog. Alone in a world were Fairies CAN'T be trusted. ADD TO BOOKSHELF I TRY TO ADD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

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Chapter 1
Rain ran down my back. I was running for my life. Well, not really, but when you are trying to catch up to your big brother, it is kinda hard. Hello, I am Brooklyn Kermit. Please don't laugh. Right now, I am trying to catch up to my older brother, Adam. We are running through the rain, in the trail behind our house. Adam is running VERY fast, and i need to take a water break. Just a little one.

"Muaaaaaaaaaaaa-ah-ah" I hear, while pretending to tie my shoe. "Huh?" I say, "Adam, did you hear that?" But he must have been to far ahead to hear me. Suddenly, a whole chorus of voices begin to sing. 'Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ah-ah" I am VERY interested now. My brother is probably already back at home now, but whatever. "I am very curious about things like this, so I begin to sing. "Muaaaaaaaaa-ah-ah" I sing. Suddenly, the voices stop. 'Huh' I wonder in my head, 'Well that was weird'

When I get home, it is already dinner.

Dinner is a disaster.

We start to eat. Dinner today is french fries and steak. My favourite! A little after we start to eat, I hear the voices. This time, they are different. " Brooklyn, coooooooooooooooooome. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Welllllllllllllcome youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Well that, is creepy. "Did you hear that?' I ask. "No," Everyone responds.

A couple minuets later, I hear the voices again. "Muaaaaaaaaaaa-ah-ah" Okay, now I am just annoyed. Then, my whole house starts to shake. It keeps shaking for about a minute longer, and then, it stops. I can hear the rain still pounding on the roof. Too quiet. Then, we all hear a sizzeling sound in the basement. My dad goes down to check on it. A couple seconds later, here he comes. "Move it! Move it! A bomb! Move! Go before you die!" Everyone is scared. Even me. And that NEVER happens. I then decide to run. So does the rest of my family. Too late. The bomb bursts. The world goes black. This must be what death feels like.
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