Printemps Ball (An Excerpt From Clover Turner: My Story)

written by Clover Turner

This bit will be in my book Clover Turner: My Story eventually, but I wanted to write and release it now. If you read Clover Turner: My story as well, that would be much appreciated! I like the idea of the Yule Ball, but it comes around very rarely, so now there's this. The dress on the cover is Clover's dress. Based off of a group called Printemps Ball 2020. Leave a comment on my wall if you enjoy it! [In progress!]

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An Exciting Announcement

Chapter 1
When Clover woke up, the first thing she noticed was the excited chatter coming from the Common Roon. There were only two other girls in the dorm. Annalise Jones, whose golden locks were spread out around her head in a snarled mess as she slept; and Rachel Grace, who sat on the edge of her bed, running a brush through her short, choppy black hair.
"What's going on out there?" Clover asked Rachel, tossing back her covers and putting on her thin wire glasses.
"You'll see. It's nothing that I care about, anyway." She grumbled. Even if she was grumpy by nature, she was even more so after being sorted into Hufflepuff. It was clear that Rachel didn't think she belonged here, and wasn't happy about it.
Clover swung her legs out of her four-poster bed and headed for the Common Room. The bottoms of her pale purple pajama pants swirled around her ankles as her bare feet slapped the stone floor, which was warmed by the merrily crackling fire.
In the Common Room, there was a gaggle of students- mostly girls, a handful of boys- gathered around the bulletin board on the wall. Most all of them were chattering excitedly, turning to their friends, or just to themselves. With a slightly amused smile, Clover imagined Rachel coming in and casting Stupify or a similar spell at the floor, silencing the crowd and getting them to part for her.
After muscling her way through the students, Clover could make out the bright poster that took up most of the board, covering everything behind it.

On the day of May 16th, in two week’s time, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be hosting the
Printemps Ball
In the Great Hall, starting at 6:00 P.M. and going until 11:00 P.M.<*/center*>

Clover stopped reading after that. She felt a shiver go up her spine, although she wasn't sure if it was from nerves or excitement. Her first ball! And it wasn't just a regular school dance, either. She closed her eyes and imagined what magic could do to decorate the Great Hall.
Her fantasy was interrupted when someone elbowed her, hard, in the stomach, sending her reeling backward. She was just about to fall when a pair of arms caught her and hauled her to her feet.
"Hey, are you alright, Clover?" Allan Lovegood asked her. He had been standing at the edge of the crowd, with his Quidditch helmet tucked under his arm.
"Yeah, I''m fine," Clover replied, although she suddenly didn't feel fine. Her run-in with Allan had brought up a whole new, daunting question: who was she going to go to the ball with? Certainly now Allan. They had been friends since childhood, before either of them knew about Hogwarts, and she didn't think of him that way.
Just then, she felt a second hand grab her arm. She looked over to see another one of her roommates, Rose Smith. "Well, come on then," she said, blowing a blonde lock of hair out of her face. "Come back to our dorm, and we'll find out what we're gonna wear."
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