The Girl Who Never Knew

written by J, X and H

This short story is something I came up with because I felt like it. So read if you are bored, if you want if you would like to and I hope you like it. It's about a girl suffering from a loss of a friend? If I get 2000 reads I will write part 2 of this book titled "I am Jace".

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Journal Entry #1: I Guess I should write in this old thing.....

Chapter 1
Hello, to anyone who may have snuck into my room, went through my drawers, and got this. Just to read about my pathetic view of life, well congrats! You have succeeded in being level 10 stalker! But really save yourself the time, and do something for me, throw this piece of trash away.

Okay now that we got that thing out of the way, I am just your average teen, going through high school, trying not to be seen by anyone. So far it is working, nobody noticing me, or cares for me, its great. Some of you people might think this is a bad thing, that I should express myself, do something, make everyone notice me! But no thanks, that's the last thing I want to do right now. I like being the person who sits by herself, doing the project by herself, never gets called on, or do I? I don't know, it's like I don't want attention, but I do at the same time I do.

Right now you probably thinking, oh your one of those girls. Well shut up, because I have more to me, I have been through the gutter, with trying to make the 'right friends' or the right 'group'. Trying to fit into the right group for me is hard, cause I am so many things. Like I love video games, but I also love playing football. Then I love reading, but also love riding my bike, and so on. So what your a mix of everything doesn't make you a special snowflake or something. Yes I know your right, I am just saying I am many things.

Now back to why I decided to write in here, I got this old journal when I was beginning middle school, for my 10th birthday. Then stuffed it into my draw thinking I am never going to use it. Well, here I am pouring my life and soul into these pages because people say its calming, and relaxing. Whatever, now I am, and that's all I am going to write today, don't expect me to write so much, I hate writing sometimes and then I don't.
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