The World Was Theirs (A Short Story)

The world was theirs. At least, that's what Kaleb thought. But what happens when the world plays a card that leaves Kaleb as scarred as the lifeless bodies of his friends?

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Part One

Chapter 1
It all starts with a car accident.


The music's blaring and Liz's hands are in the air, her hips swaying side to side (to the best of their ability in a strapped seatbelt)- The window's open and the self-created wind has her brown hair whipping at her face. Kaleb smiles widely and turns up the music a little louder as he catches Ryan, Taylor, and Ema all dancing, hips bumping in the back seat.

The world was theirs. At least, that's what Kaleb thought.

But every good moment has to end sometime, and theirs happened to end with burning rubber, shattering glass, and simultaneous screams. The first thing Kaleb hears is crickets chirping, the first thing Kaleb see's is that everything's upside down. He lets his seatbelt loose and falls with a hard thud. He doesn't understand, and his thoughts just won't process completely.

And that's when he sees Taylor, her body flung between the center console, blood oozing from her head.

"Crap!" Kaleb says, running his fingers through his hair, blood staining his fingers as he searches for a pulse in an already dead girl. "No!" and tears are burning his eyes as he stares towards Ryan's limp body.

Then his eyes caught the airbag, "Dammit!" He screams, fingers digging into the rubble of his car. Please let it still be there, please dear god- please. His fingers come up empty and he's fumbling to get out of the car and to the other side, because the airbags are crushing Liz.

He's screaming and cursing and crying as he fights with the airbag, to where he knows her body is. "Liz!" He's screaming and screaming until it sounds like a cursed mantra, begging for some type of response.

"Kaleb?" a soft voice from behind him calls, and there's Ema, brown hair matted with blood and a pocket knife shoved into her thigh. "I-it hurts."

"Ema" Kaleb says and he rushes, to the best of his ability scooping her up into his arms, blood staining his lips as he kisses the crown of her forehead. His brown eyes lock with hers as it drifts to her leg. "Ema, you love Liz, right?" his voice is quiet.

It hurts so bad, her leg does, it's like lightning bolts are zapping that one spot and circulating through her veins to make EVERYTHING hurt. But she nods because she does love Liz. She loves Liz, Kaleb, Taylor, Ryan, Tristan- all of them. But does that matter?

"You'd do anything to save her, right?" His eyes are intense and his voice has more urgency in it. The memories flash through Ema's eyes so hard she has to close them. Dear God, they were all dead aren't they- but, Liz? Was she alive?

"Yes," Ema says and nods at the same time, because she's not sure how to do one without the other at the moment.

Then his hands wrap around the hitch of the blade softly, and he looks into her eyes one last time. "Ema, forgive me okay?" and he yanks the blade from her tender flesh.

In a fluid movement of colors, blood rushes from the wound and a scream hurtles its way out of her throat, and tears stain her face in a way the blood never quite could. She watches Kaleb's form rush over to the passengers' side door, a bloody blade popping a big white marshmallow.

"Liz." Ema assumes the previous conversation forgotten, before letting the pain consume her and letting stars form behind her closed eyelids.

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