Twelve Types of Authors in the Library

written by Noelle

You know books often appear in the library? They come from somewhere. The heart and souls of authors. Today, we will be doing a sequel to the "Ten types of people in roleplay" book! Lots and lots of different authors, some 10 types mentioned in this book. Have fun reading about different authors, which is surprising granted my book should be in one of the types too. Remember, at the end of the day how talented the writer is will always be defined by the BEST book they can write, not the average which can be pulled down by the bad, not the bad which could be written in a listless mood.

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Types of Authors in the Library

Chapter 1
1. The Serious Author
These types of authors are... I would not say most important but they are super awesome! You can read their books and most of the time these books are in a continuing series so you can have real fun reading them. If you see a serious author, go and owl them a letter of appreciation! I know most of them especially enjoy seeing their hard work being approved by someone.
2. The Randoms
Like... These are really "random". For example, someone might just spam "cats" or "socks". I'm looking at you, Ravenstar. They are usually books of randomness but I think this book makes me fall into the Randoms category because this is not really "sirius" work but... You know, these authors usually just give their pens a stretch, a nice crazy run around the field and tuck them into bed again. They just need to get the urge to write off their chest.
3. The Advertisers
You know, isn't there always someone like this? They go "PLZ JOIN THIS GROUP" and "PLZ READ MY OTHER BOOKS". Surely you've seen at least one author who writes like that. Sometimes, an author just does a random book so that you would go read their other books. Uh oh, sounds like what I'm doing... Also, those "Join my group to help me decide on my books" also technically are advertising. Sorry, The Librarian...
4. The Appreciation Authors
They're really nice, and deserve a category apart from The Advertisers. They don't "GO AND FOLLOW MY SISTER" or something like that. They tell you why their friends deserve it, how nice their friends are to everyone and urge you to make friends with them. These are like persuasive essays and not posters in the library, so I'd personally say take your time to read one of their books, and enjoy the meaning of it.
5. Inspire is Their Goal
These people are really nice. They mostly believe in the better, or at least believe others can feel better, so they take their time to give some inspiration to upset people. These authors may dedicate the books to their upset friends, or just to their nice followers. The books may be of quotes, stories, or even just words that encourage. If you chance upon such a writer, write to them that you enjoyed your book, and if it's the truth, that it cheered you up. Only if you mean it though, we authors don't like false words of kindness.
6. Depressed
Sad-story writers, they might not really be sad themselves. Or maybe they are, and they're using the story as a vessel to channel their depression. If that really is the case, don't forget to read their books (even if they aren't really sad themselves), try to understand what the writer may be telling you, and give them a big hug.
7. (Removed so technically makes 11 types)
Someone just complained about what I previously wrote. I meant it as a joke and I'm deeply sorry if I offended you, but what you wrote was kind of mean too. Please put it down. I'm sorry for saying the people who say these are clogging up the library, like I said, the library is already very big so they're not actually clogging up the library. Like I said, go and roleplay with these people it's nice that they are willing to accept roleplay from anyone.
8. Diary Writers
I know these can be written by Serious Writers, but I just need to say these. They write in the format of diaries, so yes, their writing style is slightly different. Makes no difference though. These diaries can also be inspiring or depressing.
9. Meme Writers
These would usually go under random, but maybe they're "sirius" about it. Anyway, titles like "Best Jokes of Harry Potter" and "Memes of Harry Potter" indicate the presence of them. They can be funny, so go and check them out too. One slightly famous joke: Why is Voldemort like a teenage girl? Go and google it yourself, the answer actually makes a lot of sense.
10. Fanfiction Masters
They write Fanfiction about the original Harry Potter, though some can be of other games and books as well. Mostly these Fanfic is always ships... For SOME reason. I feel like I live in a free shipping community. Of course, some can be really entertaining as well, but whenever I see Fanfic Masters I'm like "NO STOP WITH DRARRY AND DRAMIONE STOP SHIPPING MALFOY" so... Yeeha!
11. This is from a video
I mean, these guys are nice. They see a video they like, they share it to someone else and they actually credit. At least they credit. None-crediters should be another group but I don't want 13 groups of people in this. The urge to share funny things is nice. As they say, sharing is caring unless you're sharing a mask with someone during an epidemic crisis.
12. The Haters, or basically, the mean people
Mostly they target houses, like Slytherin or Hufflepuff. I mean COME ON! Maybe you like your house so much but can you please not wash your dirty linen in public? Even in the original story, the hate was ignored by Professors and mutually QUIET. It was QUIET. So please don't spew hate. Also, please don't be like "Oh be wary of this person they were really mean to me blablablabla." Maybe it is true but there are other means of telling people. If it isn't, or if it's like "This person's books SUCK", go and experience it forehand before joining the spread of hate.

We're all authors and readers in the library, it's a good platform to extend your reading and writing skills. You could be a mix of some of the above writers, and that's okay! You could be something else, and that's even more okay! We all have our own styles. The right to JUDGE the styles is, of course, innate, but the right to spread lies or yell outright in anger, is not. Please keep the library a good place.
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