Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

written by [No Name]

The book is being writen by the chaser Sam Riddle, with the contribution of all members of the team, specialy of the captain Rowan Blackclaw.

This new formation was created in 2014, with Ravenclow students selected by the captain Rowan Blackclaw. The current formation is:

Seeker: Rowan Blackclaw (captain).
Chasers: Samantha Riddle, Daigona LeMort, Claire Freeman.
Beaters: Aria Lake, Robin Wilson.
Keeper - Avalynn Radcliff.
Reserve Chaser - Chiyoko Amaterasu

To know more about Ravenclaw, including the previous quidditch teams, read the book "Ravenclaw: A history", available at http://hogwartsishere.com/library/book/1551/read/

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1. Hufflepuff X Ravenclaw

Chapter 3

Today was
programed to be a great day: our first quidditch game with the new formation,
and so, my first game. I was realy so excited for today, except for one single
thing: Rownan. She is a so good player, and uses to catch the Golden Snitch in
less then a half of an hour. But I think today won’t be the same.

This thursday she woke up so sick, and we took
her as soon as possible to madam Ponfrey, who could do nothing: it was a common
muggle flu, and the best way is to put her back to bed, and let her rest. But
how could we do this only two days before the game?

The game is marked for today, at 10 am. We
scheduled the Quidditch pitch for yesterday, but of course, every of us was
there, except Ronan, who is the most important part. All of us, the other
players, are useful to earn more points, which will be calculated at the end of
the tournament. But a single game is won by a seeker.

As we arrived, we freed the bludger, but this
time we couldn’t risk to be the targets, so Aria and Robin were releasing red
spots in the sky, that would serve as targets. Daigona, Claire and me were
taking turns of two against one. As Claire showed she was better then us, she
took the single position, and Daigona and me played against her.

I was wondering how in the world Avalynn reached
the keeper’s position, because she was realy not good. After some training, we
decided to focus on her, with no success. Our only salvation for this game
would be Ronan, and so it will be a certain loss. I couldn’t see the beater’s
training, but I sincerely hope them to be good.

At breakfast, Rowan were still sick. Her voice
was bass, more than usual, and rough.

- Rowan, are you sure you want to play today?

- No. But who could place my position?

- I don’t know, but I’m sure we find someone.

- I don’t think so, Sam. We could ask Claire or
Robin, but you know, even they are our best options, even sick I have more
chances to catch the Snitch in time.

- Ok. But you still need to rest.

- Trust me, Sam. We tested so much students, and
even if Clair or Robin replace me, we couldn't put nobody in their places, and
you know, they are so good.

- Ok. I’m just worried about you.

- And I am worried about the game.

She sneezed and blew his nose, and we decided
that would be better go to the locker room and get ready for the game.

Claire and Aria were ready when we arrived, and
Daigona was almost ready. I had a short time to change my clothes. Avalynn was
doing I don’t know what in her hair. At first I thought it was one more random
and superfluous thing, but I realized she was trying to get rid of her so long

I looked at the captain, Rowan. Her appearance
was not good. It was a nice day, a little cold but with some pleasant sunshine.
At least she will not get worse with the game. The whistle sounds, and the game

Fourteen brooms got up in the air carring their
passangers. The snitch disapeared, and Rowan followed it. Aria and Robin were
taking care of the bludgers, and in ten seconds Aria hit the Hufflepuff
captain. But no one of these three balls were my responsability. Where is the

Oh sure. Claire was flying with it to the
oponente goal. I followed her. I saw a bludger running to her, but before I
could scream, Aria was there, beating the bludger and knocking one of the the
Hufflepuff beaters. Aria was still with the quaffle.

- Sam, take it!- she screamed, and threw it in my

I tried to take it, but one of the Hufflepuff
chasers bumped me and I awmost fell from the broom. He took the quaffle.

- Sorry – I screamed to Claire, but she didn’t
heard or just pretended I was not there.

- Let it with me – it was Aria, flying fast to a
bludger that would hit me. She beat it directly for the same boy who took the
quaffle from me. His broom was destroyed. Two boys less at the adversary team.
But I realized it would serve for nothing if that stunted blonde girl fom
Hufflepuff takes the Golden Snitch.

Claire marked 10 points, and I started searching
again for Aria. The sky was so clean, and even that, I couldn’t see her. Clair
marked more twelve points, and Daigona ten. It was fourty to zero, but the
quaffle is with Hufflepuff.

I saw robbin flying next to me, and I followed

- Robin, do you know where is Aria?

- She was overthrow by Lockwood.

- Oh shit. We have one beater less!

- But is ok, she hit almost half of the team. I
must go.

He lanced a bludger to the remaining chaser of
Hufflepuff, but that Lockwood protected her, and she got 10 points. I flied to
Robbin again.

- Robin, you must hit the blonde girl.

- What? Sam, go away from me, you will be beaten
– he told me as he protected me from a bludger.

- Robin, please, listen me! Take the blonde girl
first – but before I could explain him, another bludger came to my direction,
and hit my forehead. I coudn’t hold myself in the broom, and so I started
falling, as everything was getting black. I fainted.

Someone put me a spell for slowly fall, and reach
the ground softly. Madam Ponfrey was there to take care of the players. After
some time I woke up, and discovered I spent more time unconscious than playing.
I was unusefull for this game.

The Snitch was not captured yet, and the
scoreboard showed 90 for us and 30 for them. There was only one chaser, one
beater, the keeper and the seeker remaining for Hufflepuff, while for us, it
was just me and Daigona out of the game. Aria had recovered and went there

Robin tryed to beat the last chaser, but again,
Lockwood protected her, taking the bludger directly to Rowan. Fortunatly Aria
was there, and at this time, the girl with short brown hair would not escape.
Hufflepuff couldn’t mark no extra point against us.

Lookwood was next to the goal, and finaly I
understood how Avalynn could get her position. The boy became so stupid near
her, trying to show his muscles, while she was barely laughting. She blinked to
him and distracted him, as Aria and Robind beated the two bludgers against him.

The first one hit his head, freeing him from his
trance. He saw the second one in time to protect himself, and beat Rowan. The
worst thing happened, she was overthrown. There was no time for Aria or Robin
protect her. We have no seeker. The game is lost for us.

Aria knocked Lockwood ten seconds after, and they
are trying to knock the blonde girl. If their seeker were knocked, the game
would be over and we would win, because of our points. Claire was alone with
the Hufflepuff keeper, and could mark more 10 points.

- Rowan, are you ok?

- No Sam, we lost the game. The bludger has
broken my arm, I can’t go back.

- It’s ok, madame Ponfrey will fix your arm. You
will be fine for the next game.

- No Sam. I’m sorry. You were right. I couldn’t
take the snitch with my flu.

- No Rowan, It’s ok. You realy had more chances
than all of us. If you didn’t take it, no one of us would. We had no chance.

- Thank you Sam.

I knew exactly how she was feeling. At least, she
tryed. I was a completely unusefull player. Claire marked 20 more points before
the girl, called Amanda Rogers, take the Golden snitch. Hufflepuff won
Ravenclow for 180 x 110.

We were not bad. I wished Rowan had captured the
snitch. I would like to had won the Hufflepuff. But what have I done to do
that? I didn’t even touch the quaffle at this game. I’m happy for have a so
good team, and I feel in debt with all them.

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