Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

written by [No Name]

The book is being writen by the chaser Sam Riddle, with the contribution of all members of the team, specialy of the captain Rowan Blackclaw.

This new formation was created in 2014, with Ravenclow students selected by the captain Rowan Blackclaw. The current formation is:

Seeker: Rowan Blackclaw (captain).
Chasers: Samantha Riddle, Daigona LeMort, Claire Freeman.
Beaters: Aria Lake, Robin Wilson.
Keeper - Avalynn Radcliff.
Reserve Chaser - Chiyoko Amaterasu

To know more about Ravenclaw, including the previous quidditch teams, read the book "Ravenclaw: A history", available at http://hogwartsishere.com/library/book/1551/read/

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2. Gryffindor X Slytherin

Chapter 4

spent all the week wandering about how could I been selected for the team. I’m
really not good with quidditch in compare with all the other gamers. Even
Avalynn has her utilities, but not me. I tried to remember my test, and I found
out. I created three strategies to be better then the others:

1 -
Reduced the passes, for the ball can’t be captured in the process,

2 -
Try to distract the keeper, making she thinks the ball is at another place that
not in my hands, and only throw when she was looking at another side,

3 –
Attract the beaters for other players, when a beater throw a ball against me, I
changed the way at the last time, making it hit the other player.

I’m really not good playing. It was clear for Ronan I was not really
playing. I was better than the others reducing their chances to take the ball
and making them be toppled. Also I could never mark no point by my ability. If
the keeper saw I was trying to mark, surely she would block, even the keeper
being Avalynn.

There was another thing to consider: I am Rowan’s friend. I think it’s
the only reason for she had chosen me. It’s not right with the others, not for
the team nor for those who tried my position. Today I’ll watch the game of
Slytherin against Gryffindor with Rowan. After the game, I’ll talk to her.

I’ll meet her, Avalynn and Claire at the bleachers at 2:30pm. The game
will start at 3pm. Daigona, as always, prefered to stay studying. We, students
from Ravenclaw, are known for being so inteligente with Hogwart’s subjects, and
terrible with sports, such as quidditch, and Daigona, is a living example. She
is so good with quidditch, but the studies are her first place.

Hello girls – I said to Rowan and Avalynn.

- Hey
Sam, ready for the game? - Avalynn asked as if she was so superior to everyone.

Sure, but only because it’s not our own game.

- Are
you ok? – Maybe Rowan noticed my my careless and disgusting tone to Avalynn

- Yes,
I’m fine.

- No,
you’re not. You’re strange today.

- Why?
I’m normal.

- It
is still because of the Saturday’s game, right? Don’t worry about that.

- No
It’s not. I’m really fine. – I think my words sounded colder than I wished. My
humour, that was not good, got worst with Avallyn’s words, and Rowan was not
helping with that. - Where is Claire?

- She
had some troubles in potions. – Avalynn replied haughtily - She can’t come

was exactly what was missing in my day. As Rowan will only pay attention in the
seekers’ strategies, and Avalynn is a complete unusefull as a player, I will be
the only one to understand the both teams’ strategies. I realy hope that Aria
and Robing are watching the game from somewhere.

As I
could first notice, the Slytherin’s team, in opposit to ours, is almost
completely formed by boys. The keeper could easely confounded with a boy by her
ugliness and gigantic proportions, and only her and the wicked faced seeker
were girls. It seems irrelevante but can be an advantage for us, considering
our veela keeper.

team is balanced, with 4 girls and 2 boys. As the brooms took fly, the quaffle
was handed by the boy chaser from Gryffindor. They have a good ball posses, and
are dribbling all the Slytherin chasers. It seems that they are using my
strategy of less passes.

one of the girls could throw the ball to the goal, a bludger hit her and almost
dropped her from the broom. Slytherin got the quaffle. Then I could see that
they are using the opposite strategy. One, two, three passes, and goal. They
marked 3 straight goals, as Gryffindor couldn't match the speed of your moves.

beaters seems better than the Gryffindor’s ones, so as the chasers. It was not
possible evaluate the keepers, once no one defended nothing, nor the seekers.
Gryffindor marked 10 points as the Slytherin Chasers couldn’t take the quaffle
from one of the chasers, who kept the ball with her from the beginning of the
Gryffindor’s field, to the opponent's goal.

seemed that would be a so great and amazing game, but after less then twenty
minutes from the beginning, Ane Vandroy, the Gryffindor’s seeker, captured the
Golden Snitch, and so the game was over. Result: Gryffindor: 160. Slytherin:

- What
happened? – Asked Avalynn, as understanding anything.

- The
game is over – Said Rowan so paciently – Griffindor takes the Snitch

Already? The game shouldn’t last more time?

I had
to wait Rowan explain her how the time is calculated, and then she finaly said
good bye, for I finaly talk to Rowan in particular.

Rowan, I want to talk to you.

- Ok
Sam. What is it for?

- I
want to leave the quidditch team.


- You
heard, Rowan. Is better I leave the team.

What? Why would you want this?

Well. You know I’m not a good player.

- No.
You’re good.

- No,
I’m not. I was a completely unuseful at last game.

- So
as I was, Sam. Was only the first game.

- You
were sick. You are really good in taking the snitch. I’m not good as a chaser.

Look, Sam, you can’t leave us. I know you feel guilty, but it’s not you fault,

Rowan, I just think you chose me for the team because we are friends, and not because
I’m good.

- Sam,
you may not be as good as Claire or Daigona, but you were the best one trying
the position.

Maybe I was, but it was not for my abilities.

- No,
you are sure. It was not.

- So,
you know I cheated on the test.


- Yes.
I was not playing as the others. I was using ways and strategies to make me
seems better then the other ones.

- Yes.
You were using strategies to play. But it’s not cheat. I’ve never seen nobody
so great in strategies as you. That’s why you were good in the test, and that’s
why I choose you. Not for your abilities, but because your strategies made you
the best choice. Now, stop with this idea of leave the team, ok?

- I’m
still not sure about that.

- You
may try.

So... I have a proposal.

- Ok.

- I
play against Slytherin. If I be unuseful again, you promise you will cut me
from the team.

- Ok.
Do you no why?

Because you don’t want a bad player in your team.

- No.
It’s because I’m completely sure you will not be unuseful. Just play the game
and let it go. I’m sure you will be great.

- But

- If
you’re not so confidente, I myself will practice with you. 

- Ok.
Thank you Rowan.

She just smiled at me. We have to be prepared for the next game.

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