Printemps Ball: An Excerpt From 'Zelie Shacklevolt: My Story'

This is an excerpt from a new book I will be starting about my life at Hogwarts! This excerpt will be describing the Printemps Ball through my own perspective. The dress posted as the cover is, indeed, my dress. My full outfit can be found on my wall! If you like the book, you can always leave a post on my wall. I hope you guys enjoy it! ((In progress))

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An Announcement

Chapter 1
When I woke up on Thursday morning, the first thing I noticed was the excited chatter flitting around the dorms. Only one girl, my friend Rosalía Alverez, didn't seem to be affected by whatever was going on. She was just sitting on her bed, fiddling with her wand and spinning her long black and blue hair around her fingers. As soon as I sat up fully, she grinned. "Glad you could make it," she said, sarcasm dripping off of every word. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed, immediately taking to brushing out the nest of tangles in my hair. After finishing that and getting changed into my uniform, I walked over to where Ari Quinnlan and Maya Keys were talking.
"What's all the fuss about?" I asked, still confused about all the excited chatter buzzing through the dorm. Ari practically squealed, jumping up and down with excitement. Her honey-blonde hair bounced up and down with her, and I had to restrain my giggle. Rosa rolled her eyes.
"It's not that exciting, Ari, c'mon." Ari simply shot her a look and grabbed my hand, dragging me downstairs and into the common room, where a cluster of students was gathered in front of the large announcement board. There weren't many boys, I noticed as I moved through the small crowd. There was an obnoxiously large poster in the middle of the board, covering up everything else. Totally unnecessary, but whatever. The words on it were written in a sweeping, elegant script that made it impossible to even read the damn poster! However, after much trouble, I finally figured out what it read:


On the 16th of May, students will be allowed to attend the first annual Printemps Ball, hosted in the Great Hall from 6:00 PM -- 11:00 PM. You will be given Friday, May 15th off for this exemplary occasion. Only students with an average grade of an "Acceptable" or higher in all core classes will be able to attend. Thank you!

My smile was quite unexpected. My first ball! And it wasn't some silly school dance, either. I quickly removed myself from the announcement board and Ari immediately grabbed my hand and dragged me over to a small circle of chairs, where Rosa and Maya were waiting for us. "So?" She asked, and I could tell she was worried I would not be as excited about the ball as she was.
I grinned. "I can't wait!" We were both giggling like the girls I used to mock back at home, but I couldn't help myself. A real ball! When we got over to the corner, Ari walked over to Rosalía and we perched on the arms of her chair.
She frowned, one: because we were sitting on her chair and two: because we probably looked like we just woke up on Christmas morning. "Ack, it's not even that exciting! What's the hype for?"
Ari smiled, as pretty as always. "It's our first ball ever! And yes, you're coming," she added, pursing her lips in mock authority. Rosa cracked a smile at that.
I poked her shoulder, grinning. "So, who are you gonna go with?" Rosa snorted. I raised my eyebrows. "Are you not gonna go with anyone?" Rosa always seemed like the type that would go to a ball with someone grudgingly and act like she didn't want to, but was secretly having a great time.
Rosa shrugged, looking very indifferent to the idea. "No clue. Who's there to go with, anyway?"
I had frowned at that. "Plenty of people, that's who! You could go with Taya Williams, Mary Davis, Patty March--"
Rosa cut me off. "I'm never going anywhere with Patty March." We all laughed. Indeed, Patty March was a squat, ill-natured thing with an upturned nose and a sour person. I couldn't blame Rosa for turning her down as a potential date to the ball. "Should we go down and get something to eat? I'm starving." Maya immediately jumped up from her chair and we all laughed.
After making our way down to the Great Hall and getting seated, I turned to Ari, who always looked about a year younger than she actually was. Her honey-blonde hair was long and glossy, and she had a sweet, doll-like face and large doe eyes. "Are you going to go with someone?" I asked her. I knew that most of the boys would be fighting over Ari, and I couldn't say I wasn't a little jealous. I was mostly asking her this question, however, because I was interested in her answer, but also because I didn't want them asking me who I would be going with. I wasn't attractive and popular like Maya, or sweet and doll-faced like Ari, and I wasn't a lesbian with a sharp tongue and hatred for pink, like Rosa. At least all of my friends had something going for them. I was just Zelie, a Ravenclaw student, and that's it. Ari's voice snapped me back to reality, however, as she answered my question.
"Yes, I want to go with someone. I just don't know who..." she trailed off when Brett Parker, the team captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, walked right past them and glanced at Ari, who simply blushed and looked away. I smiled, seeing an opportunity here. Ari was terribly shy, but if someone could help her out...
"Hey Ari, what if you asked Brett?"
Ari whirled towards me, face bright red. "I could never do that! He'd turn me down for sure."
I sighed. Ari was way too modest for her own good. "Aw, c'mon Ari, no one would turn you down! I could ask for you, you know."
Ari blushed even harder. "Well, maybe, if you did it--" but I didn't hear the rest because I was already walking over to the Gryffindor table. When I tapped Brett on the shoulder, he seemed very surprised to find me standing there. I beckoned him over into a more discrete location and he followed, flashing confused glances at his mates.
"Brett, do you have a date to the Printemps Ball yet?" I asked him, watching how he began to blush and look very awkward and uncomfortable.
"Well, no..." he looked back up at me and I could immediately see what he was thinking.
"Oh, no, I'm not here to ask you to the ball! I'm here to ask for someone else." I laughed at his mistaking of my intention.
Brett chuckled. "Oh, ok. So, who are you here to ask for?"
I'm pretty sure my smile looked almost devilish in the dark lighting. "I have a wonderful friend named Ari Quinnlan, who does not have a date to the ball either. I think you two would be a perfect pairing."
Brett's eyes widened slightly. "Ari Quinnlan?" I nodded, trying to disguise the worry on my face that he was going to reject one of my best friends. "I'm--I'm honored. Ari's so beautiful and sweet. Um, she really wants to go with me?" I nodded again, perhaps a little too vigorously. Brett bit his lip. "Well, I'd--I'd love to go with Ari. Could you tell her--tell her to meet me by the Great Lake after breakfast?"
I grinned. He said yes! Ari would be so thrilled. "Yeah, of course!" As he turned to leave, I gripped his shoulder again, making him turn around. "Hey, thank you. Ari will be over-the-moon. She looked so worried when I walked over that you'd say no."
Brett smiled. "No problem." With that, he turned away and I walked over to my friends.
Ari looked at me anxiously, but I let my face betray nothing. "What did he say?" I couldn't keep my face neutral any longer. I broke out into a wide smile and everyone squealed. "He said yes?" Ari asked, still looking like she couldn't believe it. I nodded; we were all jumping up and down with excitement for Ari. She smiled, looking as pretty as always. "He said yes!"
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