The Thirteenth Hour [IN PROGRESS]

written by Clover Turner

When Iris and Teddy travel into the forest one night, they stumble across a strange doorway with an even stranger discovery on its steps. They gather their friends and set of to find the doorway again, however, they quickly realize something is not right with the woods. But when they finally get through the door, they realize this adventure will be more then anyone bargained for…

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Chapter 1
Hi guys! First of all, thanks for opening my book. It means a lot when there are so many other books in the library you could be reading, but nope, you chose mine, and I'm grateful. Now, I know this book doesn't have much yet, and it probably won't get updated as often as I like since I have some more books in the library that I'll be working more diligently on. But if you would like to be owled every time a new chapter comes out, then just let me know!

Now for the stuff that usually goes in a forward: about the book! Sometimes books have forwards by amazing/famous authors, and if another author here on HiH wants to re-write this forward if they enjoyed the book (once I add more chapters, that is!), that would be great!
Alright, the book. So I got this idea for another book I read about a group of friends going on an adventure, and I thought that would be a fun thing to do. So we have four-five (I haven't decided yet!) friends, most with dyed hair because why not, who go looking around in a place they really shouldn't be poking around. You think the skulls and stuff would tip them off, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Anyway, I won't say this is an especially scary story, because I'm terrible at that stuff and most people have a pretty high expectation for scary, but I will say that I tried my best to make it a bit creepy or unsettling, but please don't judge if it doesn't meet your standards for that, either.

Anyway, there was one more thing... oh yeah! Happy reading!
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