I Have No Home To Go Back To

written by Brownie

I have only done 3 chapters but I hope you like it. It is about a girl named Emily and how she runs away from home because she can't put up with her family anymore. And something terrible happens to her.

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The Runaway Child

Chapter 1
It was a beautiful night In Emily's Neighborhood. It was a peaceful night all throughout the night... Except at Emily's House like usual. You could hear two loud voices screaming at each other from two blocks away. Emily and her dad were screaming at each other because of her report card from school. Emily wasn't the best student ever like her older sister Sarah was and she hated being compared to her sister all the time. This was the fourth time this week that she and her dad has had a fight about her grades at school. She hated living like this. Her mother died giving birth to her and she thinks her dad blames her for it. She also looks more like her mom than Sarah. Her eyes were bright blue unlike her dark long wavy hair. Her eyes would always glimmer whenever Emily was happy. Emily also did this thing when she got nervous just like her mom did. She would mess with her long sleeve shirts or sweater sleeves when ever she was talking in front of a class of students or when she was talking to someone she was keeping a secret from she would mess with her hair.
After their argument she decided that she has had enough of her family. She was going to run away from home. She would go to her best friend Ivy's house. She has known Ivy since kindergarten when she first moved here from Arizona. They never fought about anything in the world. They were a lot alike to each other. But then Ivy had to move to a whole new town last summer because her grandma got sick. They still talked but not as much and they didn't see each other than face timing.
As soon as she reached her room she started packing her stuff to go to Ivy's house. Grabbing everything that was important and that she needs to keep.
* lots of clothes
* all her money she had ( $46.73)
* a few snacks for on the way to her friend's house
* allergy pills
* a few pairs of tennis shoes
* her phone and laptop
* some of her favorite books including her Harry Potter series
* some photos of her mom
She started to the door when she saw her dad's wallet on the kitchen counter just waiting for her to grab it. She snuck up to the stairs where her dad's bedroom was. She heard him taking his shower for his night shift. He barely started it so she was fine. She went to his wallet and opened it she saw so much money it was about $3,000 and a lot of credit cards for so many different stores. She grabbed about half of the cash that was in it and a few different types of credit cards. She heard the shower upstairs stop. Her dad was almost ready to go to work!!! She dashed to the front door grabbed her sister's car keys and bolted outside and into the car.
She stuffed her things into the trunk of the white car. She opened the door to the car when she heard her dad open the door to the front door. Emily quickly climbed in and closed the door as quietly as she could and ducked down so her dad couldn't see her. Her dad walked to his car that was right behind her sister's and as he pulled out of the driveway she poked her head up a little so she could see when he was out of sight and as soon as he was she waited 3 more minutes afterwards just to make sure he was gone.
She turned the key and started backing out of the driveway herself but before she got all the way onto the road she saw her sister peeking out from her bedroom window staring at her car that was moving out of the driveway. Emily silently cursed under her breath before hurrying out of the driveway as fast as she could. Sarah was standing at the door watching her driving away in her car.
"I hope I never see my family again" Emily said remembering all the yelling and the fighting and not believing that she spent all her life years living there with them without finally doing something about it. She smiled as she thought the idea of finally being free from that place she called home for so long.
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