Guide to Transfiguration

written by Louisa S R W

A transfigurist's guide to transfiguration. The good and the bad.

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Chapter 1
Transfiguration comprises many human variations. Some are voluntary and some are not. As I have been a teacher on the subject and spoken about this many times I have no doubt that this may end as more of a lecture, but I shall do my best to keep it succinct.

The first is an Animagus. These are people that are able to learn to turn into an animal without the need for a potion. The animal that they are able to produce is a representation of the animal and is also a representation of the person themselves. These include notable people such as Professor Minerva McGonagall, whose Animagus is a cat and Sirius Black, whose Animagus of a dog (Padfoot) was able to get him out of Azkaban Prison.

Secondly there are people that Werewolves these are people that have a disease or illness known as Lycanthropy. This illness causes the human to lose the ability to maintain human reasoning due to the effects of the moon. They can take the Wolfsbane potion to control the effects but it will not stop the transformation. To learn more please enroll in Astronomy 201 Lesson 5. I assure you it is a fascinating subject. Noted Werewolves have been Professor Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback.

Whilst on the subject of illnesses there is another illness known as a maledictus that is a blood curse where a female passes down a curse from mother to daughter and eventually is permanently transformed into her animal shape which becomes gradually uncontrollable. I am led to believe that my parents worried that I may be a maledictus when I was born. However, as I played with Nagini, apparently, she made it clear to Voldemort that I was clean of any signs of the curse. To be sure, he created a counter curse as instructed by Nagini that has benefited me in more than one way.

We then pass on to what I always find to be everyone’s favourite Metamorphmagus. This is an incredibly rare genetic ability which enables people to transform their physical appearance without the need to take a potion. They are not limited to animals they can change their hair colour, their clothing, whether they are old or young, male or female, tall or short. They can choose to change just one part of their body or the whole thing. You will often find that a metamorphmagus views the world in a different way to the way you do. Let me explain it another way. When you are in transfiguration lesson and you are asked to imagine the smoke turning into a dagger or the glass to sand, you try to imagine the particles splitting up and repositioning themselves as a different object. This is the way a metamorphmagus sees the world. It is a very complicated view of the world but luckily, they can handle it. Known metamorphmagi are Nymphadora Tonks & Teddy Lupin. For more information on Tonks you can read my book "My Hero - Tonks". As she was a dear friend of mine.
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