ANCR-201 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

Piper Clark's complete book of detailed ANCR-201 notes.

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Lesson 1: Welcome to Ancient Runes

Chapter 1
~The Room of Runes

-hundreds of manuscripts dating back 1000s of yrs in dead languages
-be very careful when handling books, and take 1 book at a time
-never use fire for light

~Viewing Runes with Your Browser

-firefox best
-if all else fails, use the names of the runes

~Required Textbooks

-the Rune Dictionary

~Age Recommendation



-Y1 focuses on Elder Futhark, the eldest of scripts, often referenced as runes

~Grading Advisory

-70% - Contents
10% - Spelling/Grammar
15% - Word Count and Effort
5 - Identifying Marks (unless otherwise specified)

-EC points will be given to assignments going above and beyond

~What Are Ancient Runes?

- “ancient runes” is used to refer to writing systems that are no longer in common use, but were used in previous times to write down magical texts or used in spellwork, and which may still be used for magical purposes to this day.
-Modern alphabets, German, and Cyrillic runes are part of tradition going back 3000 yrs

~Uses of Runes

- to fix the temporary and fleeting products of thought and speech
-we can study thoughts voiced thousands of years ago
-Runes' magical effects can be stronger and longer lasting

~Testing Runes for Magic

-Enchantment Revealing Charm
Incantation: Specialis Revelio (Speh-cee-AH-lis reh-VEH-lee-oh)
Wand Movement: Point wand at rune/rune design

-1/4 results:
-No result (magic drained)
-Amber or bronze glow (activated set of runes)
-Red glow (runes are activated but there's something wrong w/ them)
-Pale blue glow (enchantment or spell placed on activated runes)


-The spell for witch light is Lumos Permaneo (LOO-mos per-may-NEH-oh) - literally, “permanent light”. The movement is the same as for Lumos -- move the wand forward, then perform a backwards loop -- and is essentially a bubble of trapped light. To extinguish the light, simply use the multi-purpose Wand-Extinguishing Charm, Nox. For those of you with memories like a leaky cauldron, the wand movement for Nox is simple: just a flick or jab in any direction will do.
(copied from the lesson).


-Alphabet: A writing system where both consonants and vowels (the sounds of the language) are symbolised (derived from the words alpha and beta, the names of the first two letters/symbols in the Greek writing system).
-Ancient runes: Writing systems that are no longer in common use; used previously for magical texts and spellwork
-Latin alphabet: The set of symbols used in the western world to record language in a visible form. Also the alphabet in which this lesson is written.
-Writing system: A code used to make language visible and fix it in a durable form.


-Essay (EC)
-Read ch. 2 of textbook
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