Not my game

written by Louisa S R W

Cheer no fear but I can't hit a bludger or catch a quaffle.

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Chapter 1
I enjoy watching but have never been good at it. Professor Snape used to referee games at Hogwarts sometimes. He was fairly good on a broom in fact so am I, but I am not the best Quidditch player. I always left that down to other people. I generally don’t enjoy things that I’m not good at and I knew I was no good simply because I had played with everyone at the Weasleys and that hadn’t gone well at all. It was one summer, during the holidays, Fred & George were beaters, Ginny and I was chasers and Harry and Ron were keepers. I wasn’t your standard game but it was fun. The problem is I always hold myself to quite high expectations and if I don’t reach those expectations and I fail then I always presume to think the worst. I’m not sure chaser is the best position for me but I made it work. The worst thing was that I couldn’t transfigure, which I rely on a lot in day-to-day life. It finished with me scoring 50 points and Ginny scoring 120 points.

As I say the best time I have is when I watch a match and by far the best was the Quidditch World Cup Final. I went with Cedric, Mr Diggory and the Weasleys. I couldn’t believe it. We had the most amazing time and cheered for everyone. The Irish defeated Bulgaria 170-160. It was really close. It was great that it was in Dartmoor because we were able to go and see it in our home place. I think it’s where Fred and George got their love and enthusiasm for dragon fireworks from.

When Cedric died, I thought I wouldn’t have the enthusiasm for Quidditch anymore but because Ginny started playing for the Holyhead Harpies, I really got back into it. I went to nearly all of her games and cheered as loudly as I could. I may not be able to play as well as a Weasley but I sure can support one. After all she is family.
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