Coding your Backstory!!!

written by Ginny Lovegood

Need to beautify your profile page! Here are all the codes you need!!

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Easy Things

Chapter 1
Thank you everyone for reading my book! Now i for once had a great lot of trouble when I first join Hogwarts is Here but with the help of my friends I have come a long way. One day I was just looking at people's profile pages and I noticed the different backstories, different fonts, etc. This confused me a bit. You are probably here for the same reason. So let's not waste any more time and get started!!

Now the first thing I learned was how to change the fonts of my backstory.They are like HTML coding if you know it. I only know 3 and I am pretty sure there are no others so here you go! If you don't know astericks are the * signs.

<*b>Your text here<*/b>
Remove astericks*
It should appear like this

<*i>Your text here<*/i>
Remove astericks*
It should appear like this


<*center*>Your text here<*/center*>
Remove astericks*
It should appear like this

<*font size*= *4*>Your text here<*/size*>
Remove astericks*
change the number to what you want (I personally use 4)
It should appear like this

Here I have used all the 3 things at once

<*b><*i><*center*><*font size*=*4*><*/size*><*/center*><*/i><*/b>
Remove astericks*
It should appear like this

(Don't forget to change the font size according to yourself!)

So that brings us to the end of the chapter..
Good luck with your backstory!
I will try to upload all the chapters as soon as I can.
Thanks for reading!!!
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