Noelle's Hogwarts Adventures

written by Noelle

This book is fairly unimportant, with no overarching plot... right? Anyway, my other books have been about other people (don't worry, I'm going to continue my other books and share some which I have not!) but this one is about my own character, Noelle. If you notice I don't seem to be writing this book as delicately and with great thought, that's because I'm not. My apologies. Updates every once or twice in a week, promise.

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A word + First day

Chapter 1
(So, umm... Yeah. This book isn't as carefully written as other books. Sorry. Noelle... OUT- Wait, no, it's IN this time because my character is the main character. Ummm... *awkwardness ensues* I'm learning to do online editing and I'll try to change the cover soon. Also, the reason these may seem a little awkward is because some of the chapters were written long after the actual event)


Dear Distinguishable Diary,

As a student new to Hogwarts, I think it's customary to get a bit excited! I arrived in just another of the many boats rowing up to Hogwarts. If anyone saw us from above, they would see a sight worth beholding, hundreds of lights strewn across the water to form a line that drifted slowly towards the future.

I thought about my cousins, who had pulled me aside just as we reached Hogsmeade Station. "Listen, cuz," hissed Noah, "uncle's so gonna kill you if you don't get into Slytherin." Nova nodded in agreement, "And anyhow, that's only if we don't get our hands on you first. Honestly, I'm more than willing to get rid of you NOW so that we risk nothing." Left with little choice, I had to promise them over and over again that I had the potential to get into their house.

Sitting in the Great Hall, I could see faces rippling with excitement. My fellow first-years were bouncing up and down, whether it was truly from the excitement or from the delusion that something great was going to happen I could not tell. The older students watched us gladly, perhaps reminiscing about their own first year at Hogwarts. We were mingling with each other, yet the Sorting hat would separate us plainly in a matter of minutes. Two people attempting to learn more about each other, perhaps yearning for an early, solid friendship, could be split apart soon enough and turn rivals in the next year or so.

"It is now time for the Sorting." My heart was palpitating. "I will now begin to call out your names. Edward Brown, please come forth." My palms were sticky. "Midora Luckleaf... Henry Tucker... Elizabeth Scamander..." I could now feel my heavy breaths and the beads of sweat sliding off the sides of my face. "Noelle Elderwood!" I got up shakily and came to the Sorting Hat. Before I knew it, it was on my head and in my head.

"Not bad... A loyal, brave mind... Patient, hardworking and trustworthy... I think you would make a great Hufflepuff," the hat mused as it searched through my thoughts. "But wait, why do you want to be in Slytherin? What's with- Oh. Oh. I see. Poor child... If you insist, it'd better be SLYTHERIN!" Like most people, the sudden shout gave me a jolt. Rattled, I stumbled away, barely remembering to remove the Sorting hat, and collapsed onto the bench at the Slytherin table. I could see Noah and Nova grinning at me and showing their thumbs up, but I couldn't think straight. The lights were too bright and the applause too loud. I let it sink in slowly. I am a Slytherin. I AM A SLYTHERIN.


Giddy with excitement in the now quiet Slytherin dormitory, Noelle scribbled the last sentence and leaned against the canvas of her bed. The dimming green light shone on her notebook as she closed it.
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