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Bravery and Courage: A Rerry tale

Chapter 1 of 18


I was sitting by the Black Lake, a book spread across my lap. Tears rushed down my face. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision to yell at Seamus. I knew that wouldn’t last long. It was around midnight at the time, so there wasn’t many people still out. I looked at my book, forgetting I was trying to study. I sighed and shook my head. Maybe I should just take a break and go inside. I shut my book and wiped my eyes before standing up. I walked back inside the castle and bumped into something. I fell backwards and looked around. Nobody was there. “What the heck?” I mumbled, standing back up. Someone muttered something under their breath and sighed. “Who’s there?” I asked, reaching for my wand. When I looked back up I saw someone standing there. Harry Potter. My heart skipped a beat and I went to walk around him, quickly. He grabbed my arm to stop me. “What’s wrong? It looks like you’ve been crying.” He said.
I bit my lip. “Nothing, I have to get to bed. See you around.” I replied, pulling my arm away from him and walking away again. I turned back to look at him before walking quicker. I made it to the Dorms and laid down on my bed. Maybe I should just sleep. I think I’ll do that. I laid down and soon drifted off to sleep.