A Morpher's Hidden Heart

written by Noelle

Born a Metamorphmagus, Alex is a confused third-year who just doesn't know how to fit in. As he was a gender-fluid, Professor McGonagall arranged for him to just sleep in the common rooms, which he was fine with. Unfortunately, that made him stand out even more. He thought changing his appearance would help, but appearing as a girl did not work either. No matter what she looked like, no one accepted her. She grew cold and unsympathetic. Unknown to Alex, it wasn't her looks that really mattered, it was her heart...

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Chapter 1: Cold Calamity

Chapter 1
"No, look, look, over there. See that girl?" "The one with her hat pulled over her eyes?" "That's the one. They say she's a psychopathic crone who uses her looks to deceive you and win your trust, when secretly she's nothing but a rude brat!" "Look! It's Miss Appearance!" "Woah, really? She looks so much more arrogant in person!" "Hey hey hey, watch out, she's gonna elbow you out of her way and send you sprawling if you don't step aside and call you a pitiful little crybaby if you complain, take it from me, I've had personal experience..."

Grimacing, the girl in question swept her robes around her and morphed her ears out of existence. "You do know that I can hear you," she said, "and it's silly wasting so much time spreading mere rumours. Are your lives really so sad and wasted?" Without skipping a beat, she strode off before anyone could retort.

As Alex turned around a corner and grew her ears back, she heard the furious protests behind her. "Yeah, what do you know, Miss Appearance?" yelled one of the students. Alex chose to ignore them. With a single flick of her head, her long, brown hair seemed to shrink into the back of her skull until she was left with short silver hair. Her slight tan vanished, leaving her with chalky pale skin. The transformation barely required effort, the ability came naturally to Alex. That's right, by now, it should be clear...

Alex was a Metamorphmagus.
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