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****11/27/2016 UPDATE: Student Lounge Edition is currently under construction and posted as a separate book! This edition will no longer be updated, as Club functionality has returned to the main site and an official version is available under the tab "Groups & Roleplays". Apologies for the inconvenience.**** This is a comprehensive catalogue of all the clubs currently here at Hogwarts. Clubs are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club anywhere in the catalogue, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your club removed from the catalogue for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This catalogue will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs are properly catalogued and students are able to find the clubs that best suit their interests. Please spread the word and share this catalogue with your fellow students! Original stock image credit goes to: amethyste-stock at deviantart, who can be found at

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Love & Relationships Clubs

Chapter 12

This chapter was last updated: April 5th, 2015 and has 24 listed clubs.

All clubs with a stated focus of connecting students and fostering relationships, romantic or platonic, are located in this chapter. You will find clubs for those seeking friends to hang out with and dating support clubs here. Fan clubs for admirers of specific individuals here at Hogwarts are located in the Personal Fan Clubs chapter. If you feel that your club has been placed in this chapter by accident, please owl the editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Clubs are listed alphabetically by name.

  • Adult's Club (#25,616), led by Jaslene Lestrange Johnson. A club for adult students to gather and discuss mature topics in frank terms.
  • Aolmane Addicts (#26,687), led by Holly Higgins. A club for students who ship Professor Aerianna Aolen, the Magical Art Professor, and Professor Alex Quilmane, the Charms Professor.
  • Balog's Army (#25,261), co-led by Adelaide Asman and Rose Wolfe. This club is a "reincarnation" of Dumbledore's Army, but dedicated to our current Headmaster, Professor Balog. They regularly host school-wide, Inter-House, and co-sponsored club events, such as the End of the Year Celebration, Motivation Day, and Beginning of Term Party. An application is required to become an active member.
  • Children of Wonder (#26,113), led by River Williams. A group of students dedicated to bettering themselves and their world for the good of everyone. They perform simple, good-hearted tasks each week in the battle to end world suck.
  • D.A.B. (#30,314), led by Ariana Black. A club for students and faculty committed to the Stop the Bullies of Hogwarts campaign. They teach tactics for combating your own bullies and what to do if you see someone else being bullied. Its acronymic name stands for "Defense Against Bullies." They ask that anyone joining stops by the school library to pick up their club textbook, D.A.B. Textbook.
  • the everything club (#27,279), led by Lavender Brown. A club for students to make friends, and do, talk, and be everything.
  • Hogwarts Alumni (#25,414), led by Nalk W*This club is currently listed without a description.
  • LGBTQ Club (#32,207), led by Hannah Cook. A club for those in the LGBTQ community and their allies. They also use a FaceBook page to communicate.
  • LGBTQIA Club (#25,118), led by Viktor Alexander. A club for those in the LGBT community. All sexual orientations are welcome, to include straight or questioning students.
  • (#31,476), led by Harley Blu. A club for students to help their owls find true love. Activities available in the club include long romantic flights on the beach and professional grooming services.
  • Magical Moms (#29,145), led by Miquela Nore. An Inter-House club for students who are also mothers to talk about their children, magic, and the precise function of a rubber duck.
  • Mischief Never Managed (#25,133), led by Sydney Arrowman. A club for students seeking friends, a shoulder to lean on, or just inclusion in a group of infamous trouble-makers. They welcome all fun-loving and smart, clever, or mischievous students into their ranks.
  • Muggle- Born Wizards Club (#36,010), led by Jose J. A club for Muggle-born students.
  • Overachievers Anonymous (#28,716), led by Carolyn Nicole. An Inter-House club to unite overachievers throughout Hogwarts and connect perfectionists with one another.
  • Overage Witches and Wizards (#25,210), led by Lillian Mae. A club for students at Hogwarts who are over the age of 18. 
  • Quirrelmort fanclub (#26,831), led by Madi Holland. A club for students who ship Quirrel and Voldemort from A Very Potter Musical. They hold club activities and even have their own anthem.
  • Shippers' Club (#25,235), led by Astarael Hunt. A club for shippers to discuss the budding relationships in Hogwarts in a respectful and fun manner. Students are reminded that staff members can only be shipped with other staff members, and students may only be shipped with other students after both individuals have consented to the ship.
  • Ships Galore (#30,524), led by Casey Gallagher. A club for students to discuss their favorite pairings from Hogwarts and elsewhere. All ships are welcome, and there is no bashing allowed, although debunking is acceptable so long as it is done respectfully.
  • SPREAD THE LOVE (#29,004), led by Zoe Colpaert. A club to connect positive-minded students with one another. They focus on being happy, enjoying HiH, and sharing love with everyone.
  • S.W.O.P. (#25,263), led by Adelaide Asman. The Society for the Wellbeing of Professors, or S.W.O.P., is a group dedicated to the professors they love.
  • Tea Party Club (#29,262), led by Cole Imel. An Inter-House club for students to hang out, make friends, and participate in various events. They have hosted movie nights in the past and are always accepting suggestions.
  • Wizard Love (#26,951), led by Dreamer Winston. An Inter-House club to help students find love and lifelong friends. People of all orientations are welcome to join. 
  • Wizarding Parents (#25,186), led by Nicole Leininger. A club for students who are parents outside of Hogwarts. They discuss their children, exchange parenting advice, and allow stressed moms and dads to relax among people who understand how difficult and rewarding kids can be.
  • *This club is listed with no name* (#25,501), led by Gemma Weasley. A club for making friends, exploring different powers and strengths, and general relaxing. 

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