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****11/27/2016 UPDATE: Student Lounge Edition is currently under construction and posted as a separate book! This edition will no longer be updated, as Club functionality has returned to the main site and an official version is available under the tab "Groups & Roleplays". Apologies for the inconvenience.**** This is a comprehensive catalogue of all the clubs currently here at Hogwarts. Clubs are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club anywhere in the catalogue, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your club removed from the catalogue for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This catalogue will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs are properly catalogued and students are able to find the clubs that best suit their interests. Please spread the word and share this catalogue with your fellow students! Original stock image credit goes to: amethyste-stock at deviantart, who can be found at

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Personal Fan Clubs

Chapter 13

This chapter was last updated: December 20th, 2014 and has 15 listed clubs.

All clubs with a stated purpose of connecting fans and admirers of specific people, such as your favorite professor at Hogwarts, can be found in this chapter. Anti-fan clubs are also located here (please note that the school has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment). Clubs for bands, singers/songwriters, shows, books or book series, and other media can be found in the Fandom Clubs chapter. If you feel that your club has been placed in this chapter by accident, please owl the editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Clubs are listed alphabetically by name.

  • The Allen Wiley Fan Club! (#28,544), led by Rune Phoenix. A fan club for admirers of the Head Boy for Transfiguration and Divination PA, Allen Wiley.
  • Catbedo Fan Club! (#28,365), co-led by Rachael North and Adelaide Asman. A club for admirers of the current Head of Gryffindor House, Professor August Rubedo. They often refer to him affectionately as "Professor Catbedo," and enjoy playing the Meow Game.
  • Cody's birthday party! (#31,470), led by Amanda Longbottom. A club to celebrate the birth of the student Cody Black.
  • Enemies of Peeves Army (#28,268), led by Kayla Taaffe. An anti-fan club for students who dislike the ghost, Peeves. They say they are building an army.
  • For Dobby (#27,190), led by Hermione-Kate Grimmo. A club to honor the House Elf, Dobby, for his bravery, kindness, and gentle heart.
  • Goddess Cosy Redione (#28,513), led by Auriga Black. A club for admirers of the Head Girl for Charms, Cosy Redione.
  • HoMies Club, Yo. (#28,363), led by Rachael North. A club for admirers of the current History of Magic Professor, Professor Autumn Maddox. Students also discuss topics related to the course, and host meetings and activities to celebrate the HoMie life.
  • IAABNAAAEK (#29,127), led by Elliot Kayden. A fan club that celebrates the student Elliot Kayden. Its acronymic name stands for, "I Am Awesome But Not As Awesome As Eli Kayden."
  • OREO'S BIRTHDAYYY (#32,533), led by Annabeth Chase. A club to celebrate the birth of the student Annoriel "Oreo" Potter/Woods/Haines.
  • Peeves Fan Club (#28,542), led by Sonja Luyten. A fan club for admirers of Hogwarts' chief Mischief Maker, Peeves.
  • Professor Dowler Fan Club (#29,330), led by Kelly Balding. A fan club for admirers of the History of Magic Professor, Professor Julius Dowler.
  • The Professor Maddox Fan Club (#31,398), led by Ashley Padfoot. A fan club for admirers of the History of Magic Professor, Professor Autumn Maddox.
  • Quilmane's Fan Club (#25,188), led by Bronze Feather. A fan club for admirers of the current Charms Professor, Professor Alex Quilmane.
  • Snape Fangirls (#25,164), led by Ashley K. A fan club for admirers of the past Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin House, Professor Severus Snape. All students, regardless of House affiliation, gender identity, or sexuality are welcome to join, so long as they can handle "extreme fan-girling."
  • Wonderfilled with Weirdness (#30,217), led by Annoriel Potter. A club for friends of Annoriel Potter only.

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