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****11/27/2016 UPDATE: Student Lounge Edition is currently under construction and posted as a separate book! This edition will no longer be updated, as Club functionality has returned to the main site and an official version is available under the tab "Groups & Roleplays". Apologies for the inconvenience.**** This is a comprehensive catalogue of all the clubs currently here at Hogwarts. Clubs are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club anywhere in the catalogue, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your club removed from the catalogue for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This catalogue will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs are properly catalogued and students are able to find the clubs that best suit their interests. Please spread the word and share this catalogue with your fellow students! Original stock image credit goes to: amethyste-stock at deviantart, who can be found at

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Fine Arts Clubs

Chapter 6

This chapter was last updated: December 20th, 2014 and has 14 listed clubs.

All clubs with a stated purpose of promoting or celebrating the vast field of fine arts. You will also find clubs for dancers of any skill level, film enthusiasts, podcast creators, and the promotion of other media, both Muggle and magical, here. For clubs that are organized around a specific film or musical group, please see the chapter on Fandom Clubs. If you feel that your club has been placed in this chapter by accident, please owl the editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Clubs are listed alphabetically by name.

  • Hogwarts Anime Club (#27,713), led by Hannah Vaughn. An Inter-House club for students to get together to discuss any kind of anime.
  • Hogwarts Arts Club (#25,209), led by Emma Guy. A place for students to share visual or performance art and talk about their craft with other students. Anyone is welcome, regardless of skill level.
  • Hogwarts Daily/Times (#30,832), led by Annoriel "Oreo" Woods. A clubs for contributors and readers of the student-run newspaper, The Hogwarts Daily/Time, which can be found in the Hogwarts Library. They discuss the newspaper's current content and future articles.
  • Hogwarts Society for the Arts (#25,129), led by Lillian Mae. A club for students to share their love and passion for the arts. Actors, writers, orators, painters, and other artists welcomed.
  • Movies & ButterBeers (#25,615), led by Lareina Globera. A club for chatting about the HiH movie nights and other HP fan films throughout the term. Butter beers and chocolate frogs are provided to enhance your viewing pleasure.
  • Muggle Media (#25,558), led by Brenna Sharkey. A club for all fans of Muggle entertainment media to share their interests in television shows, movies, and youtubers, among others.
  • NaNoWriMoErs: A Cabin for NaNo (#29,687), led by Kaitlynn Brooks. A club for students who participate in the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) event in November. The club aims to help members reach their personal word count goals via shared tips and encouragement. They also have members who are able to beta read and assist writers with edits. Active during non-November months as well; the club holds that "NaNoWriMo is always upon us."
  • News Room Club (#29,519), led by Cole Imel. An Inter-House club for anyone wishing to contribute to a news radio show for HiH called "Hog News." They are currently seeking newscasters, and other members who wish to assist with ideas and expertise. They post to
  • The Quibbler (#25,981), led by Rowan Blackclaw. This club is for contributors of the monthly magazine/news source, The Quibbler, which can be found in the Hogwarts Library.
  • The Quibblers (#25,476), led by Julienne Loreto. A club for reporters, sleuths, and other gossips seeking to publish the truth about various HiH conspiracies and secrets (whether real or imagined, regardless of evidence).
  • Quotev people! (#32,444), led by Annabeth Chase. A girls' only club for Quotev users to discuss their stories and polls.
  • Wizarding Culinary Arts (#25,107), led by Ashley Mac[Rae]. A club to share fabulous Wizarding recipes, try them out, and post pictures of their successes and failures and create a more tactile connection to the Wizarding world. They aspire to give you the tools to make your life tastier.
  • Wizarding Weekly Team (#26,300), led by Vixtellion Cytrovixus. A club for writers, editors, and other contributors to the Wizarding Weekly magazine.
  • Writing Club (#25,112), led by Skye Lunar. A club for anyone who likes to write. Club activities include writing prompts and challenges, which can be found on their blog, Quills and Ink.

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