The Dark Orphan

written by The Ballet Queen

An ancestry potion in Snape’s class turns a second year Hufflepuff orphan’s life on it’s head. She figures out who her parents are and suddenly the whole school turns against her, even the teachers. Only the Slytherin’s and Professor Snape do not. Suddenly, Slytherin isn’t sticking up only for their own, but for the one lone Hufflepuff who never knew what it was like to have a family. After all, she was the goddaughter to the two most powerful people on the dark side; Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

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Chapter 6
Lyra hated flying. She liked her feet on the ground.
It was a good thing that Elijah was in her flying class so that she wasn’t entirely alone. They fly drills, working on learning to fly in formation.
Unfortunately, people were still angry at her about her parents, and on top of that, it was raining. Someone collides into her and she hits the ground with a crack. Mud splashes on her face, soaking the front of her clothes.
“Watch where you’re going!” The student hissed at her. “You could have killed me!”
Lyra was getting drenched from the rain and tried to speak only to taste metal in her mouth. Madame Hooch landed in front of them. Something dribbles from between her lips and Lyra looks down at the muddy puddle to see that the mud was turning red.
Lyra slides her tongue over her teeth and she’s horrified to find that she is missing her two front teeth. They had been knocked out.
“Aspen, look at me,” Hooch commands, having finished looking over the other student. Lyra tries to lift her head, blood dripping from her mouth and drenching the top of her uniform.
Elijah lands next to her, eyes wide. “Ember!”
“Can you stand?” Hooch questioned Lyra. Lyra shakes her head, feeling dizzy.
Elijah and Hooch work together to help Lyra stand on her own two feet and Lyra can’t find her teeth.
“Open, let me see,” Hooch commands and Lyra opens her mouth to show the damage. Hooch tuts and gestures to Elijah. “Take her to the infirmary. Don’t worry, those teeth will regrow with a modified skele-gro.”
Elijah loops one of his arms around Lyra’s shoulders, helping her off the field. Lyra stumbles along with him as Elijah pulls out his handkerchief. “Here, bite on this.” He wads it up and has Lyra bite on it with her bleeding gums.
“Snape,” Lyra mumbles through the wad of fabric, her voice muffled. “Take me to Snape.”
“Not the infirmary?” Elijah questioned.
“Snape,” Lyra was firm. She knew that he had a free period right now and she trusted him a hell of a lot more than anybody else including Pomfrey.
Elijah nods and guides her to the dungeons until they end up in front of Snape’s office. He doesn’t have a free hand and kicks the door a little harder than necessary in lieu of knocking.
“Enter,” Snape’s voice calls out but Elijah can’t let go of Lyra to get the door. He kicked again.
The door opens and they are face to face with a gaggle of Slytherin’s who had come for potions help.
“Uh, Professor?” One turns and calls out. “Your Hufflepuff is here.”
Lyra knew that she was the only Hufflepuff that Snape bothered to associate with.
Snape appears in the doorway and his eyes widen a little at her blood-coated face.
“Leave,” He barked at the Slytherin’s who went and gathered their stuff hastily, piling out of the door. Snape pulled Lyra out of Elijah’s arms and propped her up against her side, sending a cleaning charm onto the bloodied uniform that Elijah wore. “You leave too.”
Elijah glances at Lyra before he lets out a curt nod and leaves.
“What happened?” Snape questioned, guiding Lyra to a chair. “Where are you hurt?”
Lyra reaches up as Snape sets her down onto a chair and she pulls the wadded piece of bloodied cloth out of her mouth, opening it. Snape inspected the gap where her two front teeth should have been.
“I see,” Snape nods as he stands and makes his way to a cabinet. He frowns, searching through labeled vials.
“Here,” He passes her a pain potion. “I’ll have to brew you a modified skele-gro. It will take a few hours.”
Lyra frowns, swallowing the pain potion. She hated the feeling of the gap in her mouth.
Class ends and Elijah drops off her bag that she left at flying class. “Malfoy knows.” He warns before he leaves.
Sure enough, Draco shows up with half the Slytherin’s from his year at his side not including the female prefect.
“Let me see,” Draco pushes his way to the front, arms on his hips as he glances at Lyra. “Where are you hurt?”
Lyra glances at him. Snape was squirreled away in his lab brewing the cure.
“Your shirt is stained with blood,” Draco huffs. “But your face looks okay…”
“Open your mouth,” Gemma tells Lyra, having figured out the issue.
Lyra shakes her head. There were too many people. Gemma seems to guess that too.
“Everyone except for Draco, out,” She commands, herding the others out. Pansy and Blaise insist on staying. Lyra lets them.
“Open,” Draco demands as soon as the room is cleared. Lyra reluctantly opens her mouth and Draco darts forward, his face cupping her cheeks as he stares at her mouth. “Who did this!?”
Lyra bats his hands away. “Get off!”
“Someone deliberately did this,” Blaise comments.
“Has Sev told my parents?” Draco questioned.
Lyra shrugs. “I didn’t see who did it.”
“My parents,” Draco repeats, flicking Lyra on the forehead. “Focus, Ly.”
“No. I don’t know? I don’t think so,” Lyra hated that she had a lisp from the missing teeth.
“They got called when I broke my bones. You’re literally missing yours,” Draco huffs.
“Teeth technically aren’t bones,” Blaise pipes up. “They are enamel and dentin. A modified skele-gro should help regrow them, that is what Professor Snape is doing, right?”
Lyra nods, a little impressed.
“I want to be a healer,” Blaise tells her with a grin.
“Does it hurt?” Pansy asked, trying to guess how uncomfortable she was.
Lyra shakes her head. “I had a pain potion.” That had dulled the pain to a numb throb.
Draco moves to squish himself into the large armchair next to her. Lyra laughs as he wiggles his way next to her. Pansy and Blaise had to leave for their next class but Draco refused.
“You were with me when I was hurt,” Draco tells her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “My turn. It’s what siblings do… right?”
“I think so,” Lyra nods. She had never had a sibling before other than her foster siblings. But even then, it was every man for themselves.
Draco pulls some exploding snap out of his bag and Lyra grins.
They play the game for a while until Snape exits his lab. “The potion should be ready in about an hour, it just needs to sit.”
Lyra nods.
“Come here,” Snape tells her and she stands, making her way over to him. He vanishes the mud and blood from her uniform, leaving it clean and dry. “And you should be in class.” He glances at Draco.
“I need to stay with Lyra,” Draco folds his arms. “Have you flooed my parents?”
“Not yet,” Snape replied. He glances at Lyra. “Do you want me to?”
“They’re her guardians. You have too,” Draco tells Snape.
Lyra did want the comfort that they brought. She nods.
“See,” Draco said triumphantly. Lyra punches his arm in response and he pouts at her.
Snape calls Narcissa and Lucius, his voice soft and mumbled as he talks into the fireplace. He backs up a few moments later and Lucius strides out, Narcissa following moments later.
“What happened?” Lucius questioned Snape.
Snape explained what happened while Narcissa fawns over Lyra.
“Let me see,” Narcissa tells Lyra and the girl opens her mouth.
Narcissa strokes Lyra’s hair and the girl leans into her touch.
“You should be in class,” Narcissa scolds Draco.
“I didn’t want to leave Ly,” Draco replies.
“That was very thoughtful of you,” Narcissa smiles softly at him. “But you shouldn’t miss anymore class. Go.”
Draco stands and reluctantly leaves. Narcissa transfigures one of the seats into a couch and takes a seat, patting the spot beside her.
Lyra darts to cuddle up next to Narcissa and absorb the affection that she offered. Lucius takes a seat on the other side of her.
Lyra felt safe. She loved the comfort that they brought. Narcissa wraps her arm around Lyra and Lucius sets his hand onto the top of her red curls.
Lyra snuggles against Narcissa, melting into her at the feeling of security they brought.
Snape brings the potion when it is finished. It’s a murky blue color and seemed a little thick. He passes the still warm vial to Lyra.
Lyra grimaces and drinks it up. It tasted putrid as Lyra gagged it down. She feels pain in her mouth immediately.
“It will take a few hours to regrow,” Snape informs her. Lyra sighs. “It may cause some pain or itchiness.”
Lyra could already feel the effects. She whimpers slightly at the ache.
“Does it hurt, darling?” Narcissa questions softly as she rubs Lyra’s back. Lyra nods.
It wasn’t the worst thing she had felt but it still did hurt.
Lucius glances down at his pocket watch. “I have to go back to work.” He stands, setting a hand onto Lyra’s head. “Get well. I shall check in on you later.”
Lyra watches him leave and curls further into Narcissa. Narcissa strokes her hair, humming softly.
Over the course of a few hours, Lyra’s two front teeth slowly regrew. It was painful but having Narcissa there really helped.
Lyra wondered what her mother would have done.
Lyra eventually shifts until her head is in Narcissa’s lap, loving as Narcissa plays with her hair.
Narcissa makes tiny braids into her short curly hair and Lyra can’t help but think about how she is officially their ward and her fiery red hair is a stark difference to their platinum blonde.
“My sister had a red tint to her hair,” Narcissa comments softly as she runs her fingers through Lyra’s mess of hair.
“I thought Bellatrix had black hair?” Lyra blurts before she remembered that there was once another Black sister.
“She does,” Narcissa smiles wistfully. “Andromeda always had a red sheen to her brown hair.”
“Do you think they would have ever put me with her?” Lyra can’t help but question. “Since she was once a Black?”
“I am unsure,” Narcissa answered truthfully.
“Do you think she would have raised me right? Would Bellatrix or you want to associate with me if I was raised by her?” Lyra frets.
“You weren’t raised by her,” Narcissa tells her. “But I’m sure that I eventually would have wanted to associate with you if you still knew your heritage. She has a daughter that graduated just last year.”
“You kept track?” Lyra hesitantly asked.
“I did,” Narcissa admits quietly in the empty office. Snape had gone back to teach his classes. “I sent a gift when I got word she was pregnant.”
“Do you miss her?” Lyra inquired gently. She had never had a sibling until Draco and she couldn’t imagine not being able to associate with him.
“Sometimes,” Narcissa nods, stroking Lyra’s hair gently. “If there is ever an emergency, I am sure that she would welcome you into her home.”
Lyra wrinkles her nose. “I don’t want to live with her, I want to live with you.”
Narcissa chuckles. “I want you to live with me too. But shall something happen to us, Draco would go to Severus but the Ministry would have control over where you go since Severus is not your godfather.”
“You can’t leave me,” Lyra suddenly jerks up. Narcissa is startled at her sudden outburst. “The Ministry will send me somewhere else.”
“With any luck, you’ll go to Andromeda,” Narcissa repeats her reply. “But that is just a scenario. I’m not going anywhere.”
Narcissa slowly pulls Lyra back toward her.
“Everybody leaves me,” Lyra whispers as she curls into Narcissa. “You can’t leave me too…”
“I’m not leaving,” Narcissa soothes, tucking Lyra under her arm.
Lyra knew that her teeth were healed but she didn’t want to leave Narcissa. She wanted to absorb all the maternal comfort she could just in case the Malfoy’s ever changed their mind about wanting her.
Narcissa tells Lyra a few stories about Draco’s mischievous childhood. Lyra giggles along, wishing that she could have grown up that way.
Narcissa then asks for some stories from her in return. She wanted to know about Lyra’s childhood.
Lyra tries to choose funny memories that she remembers but judging from Narcissa’s carefully concealed horror, they weren’t as funny as she thought.
“I am sorry that we didn’t find you sooner,” Narcissa tells her sincerely. “You should have never grown up with muggles like that.”
“I survived. And I’m here now,” Lyra offers, frowning at Narcissa’s face. “I’ve made you sad. I’m sorry.”
Narcissa lets out a wet chuckle, brushing Lyra’s hair out of her face. “Sweet girl, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
Lyra doesn’t look convinced but nods. Snape eventually comes back to check the progress of her teeth and let her know that she has to return to class and that Narcissa has to leave.
Lyra is pretty sure that Narcissa dragged the goodbye out more than she did. She watches as Narcissa leaves before Snape ushers her to her next class with a pass.
Lyra would knock her teeth out again for another moment like that with Narcissa.
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