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****11/24/2016: Student Lounge Edition is currently under construction and posted as a separate book! This edition will no longer be updated, as Dorm functionality has returned to the main site and an official version is available under the tabs "Hogwarts > Dormitories". Apologies for the inconvenience.**** This is a comprehensive directory of all the dorms formerly here at Hogwarts. Dorms are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your dorm anywhere in the directory, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your dorm removed from the directory for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This directory is no longer being updated! Please spread the word to your fellow students! Original stock image credit goes to: amethyste-stock at deviantart, who can be found at

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General Dorms - Hufflepuff

Chapter 3

This chapter was last updated: October 12th, 2014 and has 24 listed dorms.

All Hufflepuff dorms for general chatting and making friends can be located in this chapter. You will also find miscellaneous dorms here. As the directory grows, dorms with similar interests/topics may be grouped together and will get their own chapter. If you feel that your dorm has been placed in this chapter by accident, please owl the editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Dorms are listed alphabetically by name.

  • Awesomesauce (#10,386), led by Hannah Vaughn. They're just that awesome. This dorm has roughly 6 members.
  • Aureus Room (#24,059), led by Claire H. Wood. This dorm's motto is "Antequam noveris a laudando et vituperando abstine" (before knowing, do not praise and not offend). Like the golden sun (Aureus), this is the sunniest dormitory in Hufflepuff's House. It has the most beautiful view to the grounds of Hogwarts, if you stretch out enough at the window. Just like their Common Room's entrance, to enter this dorm, the roommate must tap the door in the rhythm of ‘Hufflepuff,’ which will make the door swing open, exposing the dormitory. However, if you tap it wrong, you will be doused in pumpkin juice and barred access. Everyone that enjoys a peaceful place to be will be very comfortable here. The dorm has roughly 84 members, and an off-site page.
  • The Badgers (#4), led by Kimberly Rose. Proud 'puffs, through and through. As their name says, they gladly represent the mascot of Hufflepuff House--the Badgers! The dorm has roughly 23 members.
  • The Badgers (#325), led by Ashton Hott. A place to be yourself while connecting with like-minded individuals. The dorm has roughly 80 members.
  • Basement de la Hufflepuff (#9,583), led by Rebekka Terrill. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 18 members.
  • Dorm #63 (#63), led by Lyra Smaragd. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 14 members.
  • Dorm #160 (#160), led by Sarah Stack. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 13 members.
  • Dorm #651 (#651), led by Debbie Lindstrom. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 17 members.
  • Dorm #824 (#824), led by Elizabeth Hudson. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 29 members.
  • Dorm #3,608 (#3,608), led by Nicole Stout. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 14 members.
  • Dorm #24,503 (#24,503), led by Anna Alderthrush. Just some random people who joined this dorm for random reasons. This dorm has roughly 5 members.
  • Dorm #26,950 (#26,950), led by Courtney Knight. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 5 members.
  • Dorm #28,327 (#28,327), led by Emma O'Neil. For all the Badgers who know that Hufflepuff is the best. This dorm has roughly 6 members.
  • Dorm of Doom (#10,067), led by Lorena E. Wrinklespell. This dorm welcome everyone to their cozy, yet hardcore 'Puff dorm! Please choose a four-poster bed for your stay here, warm your cold fingers and bum at our cozy fireplace and enjoy marvelous and exotic dishes brought to you by our local chef! The margaritas are served after 10pm. Their goal in life is to be the dorkiest dorm of all of Hogwarts, and they hope you're up for the challenge! They warn that they are an R-rated dorm and that inactive members can be kicked out. The dorm has roughly 66 members, and a tumblr account.
  • DumbleSiriPotters (#31,579), led by Blake Woods. Sleep, eat, chat, ect. This dorm has roughly 4 members.
  • The Greatest People EVER! (#311), led by Dylenn Murphy. Nuff said there. The dorm has roughly 17 members.

  • Honey Badgers! (#130), led by Kristin Clements. A group of super badass/awesome Hufflepuffs. The dorm has roughly 277 members. 
  • Honey Badger Hall (#1,175), led by Rey Cartier. Welcome to Honey Badger Hall. All are welcome here! If you're a gentle soul who just wants to help and make others smile, welcome. If you're a badass social justice warrior honesty can be brutal and loyalty can be terrifying, welcome. This dorm has roughly 38 members.
  • Kitchen Crusaders (#5,000), led by Briar Ryn Gray. *This dorm is listed without a description at this time. The dorm has roughly 53 members.
  • LSG_Badgers (#384), led by Azza Maloney. An open dorm for the irreverent, the silly, the intense, the nerds, the non-nerds, the whatever you want to be today's. Unless you want to be a pearl clutcher, then maybe this isn't the place for you. The dorm has roughly 14 members.
  • Puffington Hall (#29,971), led by Kellie TweedellNo Huffle, only Positive Puffling! This dorm has roughly 5 members.
  • Puffling Dorm (#13,411), led by Courtney WiseWelcome to Puffling Dorm #13,411. Here they strive to be their best! That means behave yourself! There will be NO bullying. Members will respect each other, help each other, and be kind. Meeting grounds for Pufflings. The dorm has roughly 28 members.
  • SLM Hufflepuffs (#50), led by Anna Shapiro. Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders! The dorm has roughly 14 members.
  • Team Honey Badgers (#47), led by Maggie McCoy. A dorm full of cool Hufflepuff kids who are ready to take over the world! We don't care. ♪ We're driving firebolts in our dreams. ♪ The dorm has roughly 22 members.

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