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****11/24/2016: Student Lounge Edition is currently under construction and posted as a separate book! This edition will no longer be updated, as Dorm functionality has returned to the main site and an official version is available under the tabs "Hogwarts > Dormitories". Apologies for the inconvenience.**** This is a comprehensive directory of all the dorms formerly here at Hogwarts. Dorms are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your dorm anywhere in the directory, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your dorm removed from the directory for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This directory is no longer being updated! Please spread the word to your fellow students! Original stock image credit goes to: amethyste-stock at deviantart, who can be found at

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Gender-Specific Dorms - Girls

Chapter 8

This chapter was last updated: October 9th, 2014 and has 5 listed dorms.

These dorms have all taken a more traditional approach, and only allow female students to join. If you feel that your dorm has been placed in this chapter by accident, please owl the editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Dorms are listed alphabetically by name.

Gryffindor Dorms

    • Girls Only Gryffindors (#31,590), led by Dylan Lorraine. A dorm for just girls to chat and make friends. The dorm leader plans on creating a website in the future. This dorm has roughly 1 member.
    • Lion Ladies (#29,455), led by Heather Darkstar. Hello, ladies, and welcome to another year at. Hogwarts. These lions are very excited to be sharing a dorm with you. Pease be kind and considerate to others and active in your dorm visits - sleeping in the Common Room is not accepted of ladies from this dorm. And remember, Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home. This dorm has roughly 18 members, also uses Facebook to communicate, and is developing an off-site webpage.
    • Lion Fires (#25,011), led by Fritz Barnes. Traditional, ladies only dorm. We are here to get rowdy, study, and make friends. This dorm has roughly 27 members.

Hufflepuff Dorms

Ravenclaw Dorms

    • Crystal Room (#21,951), led by Laura Wood. For those who want peace, quiet and respectful people around. Feel free to ask about any doubts or difficulties you may have with your Hogwarts classes. This dorm has roughly 36 members. 

Slytherin Dorms

    • Lady Snakes (#6,621), led by Kalysta Flame. Smart, Sassy, Witty, and Loyal. They are the best all-female dorm at Hogwarts. Be respectful to each other, cordial to students from other houses, and kick butt on your assignments so Slytherin earns those House Points! This dorm has roughly 187 members, and an off-site chatzy for when the dorm chat is down (password required).

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