The Mystery That Lies Beneath The Ground

written by Brownie

What would happen if you were a descendant of a famous poet? Well Pollen is the descendant of the one the only… Edgar Allen Poe. She faces danger right in the face when a gang called “The Midnight Howlers'' is hunting her. She runs, she hides but can she escape the dangerous people just lurking behind the corner. How will she escape when they finally catch her and what will happen to her friends that she made along the way? It’s a dangerous world out there, but what will happen to Pollen when she finds out the truth about Edgar Allan Poe? "The Mystery That Lies Beneath The Ground" NEVER COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU In never month, never day, never year, nevermore lol sorry this is like a movie trailer >^<

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
It was the same cold windy night just like the last. I sat shivering in the dark, staring off into the distance. I wasn’t tired at all so I just sat in my room staring into another world. I glanced at the clock on my side table. It was already 11:30. I tried falling asleep again because I knew I would fall asleep during class at school the next day if I didn’t. I now lay staring at the ceiling.
My alarm goes off and I'm still laying there without any rest. I get ready for school as fast as I can and run upstairs for breakfast. The TV was on and I sat down with some cereal.
I was eating when suddenly a voice reported “There is some evidence that might tell us about his death. We have just discovered that a gang that calls themselves “The Midnight Howlers” might be involved with the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe”.
I stare thunderstruck at the screen that now shows a picture of Poe.
‘This gang is still around today, new and more brutal men and women are in this group.”
All of a sudden I hear the bus coming down the street and grab my bag and run out the door. Not hearing anything else the TV said after that.
I wait for the bus for a few seconds and wonder about the news I just watched. I then sat in my uasal seat on the bus and started wondering. I wondered what kind of clues there were to his death and what it had to do with the “Midnight Howlers”. I wondered why it was just found today and not the night after he died. I then noticed that everyone was getting up from their seats. I must have been playing in the clouds because I hadn’t even noticed we were already at school.
I got off the bus and started walking to the front doors when Lily came up to me.
“Hey Polleen what’s up”, she said in her usual peppy voice.
I then told her what I had heard on TV this morning and she gasped.
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