Hook Me (Harry Hook Fanfiction)

Cecilia "Cece" De Vil, half-sister to Carlos, is also his opposite. Ruthless, mean, and cold hearted, all she wants is revenge on him for getting her kicked out of the house years ago. She's built a reputation for being an amazing fighter and street terror, but she isn't the VK leader: Uma is. And Cece's a loner. So when Harry Hook calls in a favor and forces her to join Uma's crew, she's mad. But soon Uma promises her revenge, so she stays. And along the way to finding herself and getting what she wants, she finds something a little more… unexpected. Love. Meet Cece: https://hogwartsishere.com/1193340/ (Author's Note: For my purposes, in this fanfic, Harry is straight. I know there are different views on what his sexuality really is, but for this, he is straight.)

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Chapter 1
Meet Cece: https://hogwartsishere.com/1193340/

I might as well get it out now: I'm a mistake. Always have been. The name's Cecilia De Vil, by the way. The result of an affair with a random street urchin who my mother got the hots for one night.

Everyone here hates me. My younger half-brother, Carlos De Vil, is the hero of everyone. The cool VK. I'm a loner because nobody wants to be my friend. And to tell you the truth, I'm fine with that. It's turned me hard as stone, though.

Even Carlos doesn't like me. I guess I bring embarrassment to the family name. He's the good child, and I'm the troublemaking-mistake child. We only met once, when he came to try to make peace between his dad and Mom. I happened to be there. Our entire convo:

(Carlos, trying to be nice) "Hello. I'm Carlos."

(Me, being a jerk because that's just what I am) "I know."

"Ummmm, your hair looks nice?"

"Your's doesn't. Grow it out longer." (He actually listened to me on that one.) And then him and his dad and Mom left. The next day, Mom said she was kicking me out. That was when I was fifteen and he was thirteen. Ever since, I've lived on my own. Making my way through life. Alone.

Every day, another fight. Every day, gaining more strength.

And by now, I'm one of the slyest, trickiest, and troublesome girls you'll ever meet. I can win a fight against almost anyone. I don't mess with the self-appointed leaders of the Isle: before, Mal and her gang, including darling little Carlos. And now, Uma and her little pirate gang.

And nobody will ever bring me down.
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