Wandlore For Beginners

written by AJ Cochran

An in-depth description of many wandwoods and cores, and what to expect from them.

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Exotic Wand Cores A-B

Chapter 6

Not as much information can necessarily be given about wands with the following cores, as they are not used as often as the common ones (at least, not in British wandmaking), and many overall are not used often.

Wands with an abraxan hair or feather core are generally more stubborn, but produce strong spells once mastered. They have excellent balance between the speed of spells that are cast and how powerful the spells are.

Wands made with an acromantula web core are illegal in Britain, and will be confiscated by the authorities most of the time (see the exception). The owner of such a wand has excellent abilities with Dark magic (in particular, the Imperius Curse). These wands are traditional in the Eastern part of the world, so certain exceptions are made, but those on lengthy diplomatic journeys will often find a replacement wand for their stay. Wands with this core need to be handled with respect, or they can be temperamental and volatile. For Defense Against the Dark Arts and offensive magic; an interesting combination, given that they do so well with Dark Arts as well.

Wands with ashwinder ash cores cast the best protection charms, though the snakes from which they come are capable of burning down buildings if they are allowed to lay their eggs inside.

Wands with a core of an augrey (Irish phoenix) tail feather are skilled with the art of Divination. They were incorrectly assumed to be Dark cores, because the cry of the large green bird was thought to be an indication that someone was going to die soon. Really, the cry of the Irish phoenix means that it is going to rain soon. Wands with this core often choose students that are misunderstood, like the birds themselves were.

Wands with a basilisk skin core are hardly made, they are more often passed from one generation to the next (either as an heirloom of a Pureblood family or recasting the core to a new wand). When a new wand is made with this core, the chances of them choosing someone who is not either a Parselmouth or a Dark Wizard is slim to none. Like the giant serpent the skin is taken from, these wands are extremely powerful and extremely dangerous. The amount of good from owners of these wands is very small.

Wands with Billywig stinger cores are (when used in Britain-which is quite rare) imported from Australia, where the Billy wig is from. These wands are very... prone to change behaviors (one moment, Charms work could be performed spectacularly, the next, it is siphoning up hours of Potions work with no warning), though they are excellent with Charms. When they bond to witches or wizards, they are almost always pranksters, and generally from Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

Wands with a boggart skin core have strong ties to the Dark Arts, though their Transfiguration skills are extremely powerful as well, as well as their Divination and Legilimency skills (given that a boggart takes shape of what the viewer of it fears most, this is quite logical). If a boggart is caught and killed, the experience is quite traumatic, and the wand it makes is more often that of a Slytherin, and nearly never that of a Hufflepuff.
Wands with a core of boomslang venom are very dangerous to make, and whether or not the wands are worth the risk of working with the venom is highly contested. The venom, when a wandmaker dares use it, is either crystallized or in liquid form. These wands give the user a slight boost when casting hexes and jinxes no matter which form it is used in. More often, the core will be crystallized, as it is slightly safer than when the pure liquid is used. But when the maker of a wand decides to use the liquid form of boomslang venom, if successful the wand will be very powerful in the art of Transfiguration. The witches and wizards these wands choose are generally in the Slytherin House.
Wands made with the skin of a bowtruckle are rare mostly due to the camouflage the creature uses (very effectively, too). When actually caught and used in a wand core, it makes for a wand that is powerful in the arts of Transfiguration, Herbology, and the Care of Magical Creatures. These wands will often suit Hufflepuffs.
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