Wandlore For Beginners

written by AJ Cochran

An in-depth description of many wandwoods and cores, and what to expect from them.

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Exotic Wand Cores F-M

Chapter 8

Wands that have a core of fairy wings do best with charms. They make for a light and airy wand that generally pair with witches and wizards that have excellent Sight (in regards to Divination and the like). Wands with this core are more common with Hufflepuffs, and almost never are found in Slytherin House.

The wielder of a wand that has the feather of a fwooper as the core should be wary. The creature has been known to slowly drive those near them mad, and using the feathers in wands are rumoured to have a similar effect. However, wands with this core perform fairly well with Charms and the Care of Magical Creatures (be warned, though. They are near impossible to cast Quietus with).
Wands that have a hippogriff feather as the core need to be shown quite a bit of respect, just as hippogriffs themselves do. If the wielder of such a wand does not give the deserved respect, the magic attempted can backfire. While not the strongest core (see the dragon heartstring for that), it is quite adaptable. Wands with this core are very rare, but when used, they are most common among Gryffindors.
Kelpie hairs are rarely used in wands, primarily due to their temperamental nature. However, they were once quite popular in Celtic wandmaking until demiguise hairs were imported and became more popular. They are similar to the demiguise hairs, and perform quite well in Transfiguration when they don't backfire.
Wands that have mermaid scales or hair are, like chimera scales or basilisk skin, more often heirloom cores, often passed from generation to generation. They are very powerful, but very loyal to their wielder and hard to use if the wand is taken or won in a duel. These wands are temperamental, but tend to prefer those who are knowledgeable, but not greedy. These wands often do best with more outdoor magic. The scales do well with Transfiguration, while the hair does nicely with Astronomy and Potions.
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