Wandlore For Beginners

written by AJ Cochran

An in-depth description of many wandwoods and cores, and what to expect from them.

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Exotic Wand Cores T-W

Chapter 9

Wands that have cores made of the tail hair of a thestral are strong with wielders who understand themselves. Otherwise, their magic tends to suffer. While the wands are temperamental (and rather rare), they do strongly with Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. When used, they are rarely found with Hufflepuffs and more often with Ravenclaw House.

Wands that have vampire fangs are heirloom cores. They are very versatile, and can go rather easily to either Dark magic or Light magic. They are very loyal, and do quite well with Charms and Divinations (or as a potion-stirrer!).
Veela hairs can be used in wand-making, though they are very temperamental, like the Veelas themselves. In most circles (and by Ollivander), they are too volatile to be used very often. But to some (especially part-Veela), they give a nice boost to outdoor magic, Divination, and Charms. These wands, when used, are most often found in Ravenclaw.
Wands that have werewolf parts ally with werewolves (born or made) or strong, courageous, loyal owners. They are extremely loyal, and will often backfire on those who try to use it that are not their owner. All werewolf cores do nice with outdoors and Divination. Werewolf hair offers a boost to Charms, werewolf nails do well with jinxes, hexes, and curses, werewolf saliva does nicely with Potions, and werewolf whiskers are good for Transfiguration.
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