Backstory Coding Tutorial!

This book will show all the basics and more when it comes to backstory coding. Let me know if you like this book or if it helps you! If you have any questions also let me know! Happy Reading!

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Chapter 2

Here are the fonts to pick from, you write them like this: <*font face=font you want goes here*> (remember to delete the asterisks)

Arial <*font face=arial*>

Calibri <*font face=calibri*>

Cambria <*font face=cambria*>

Cursive <*font face=cursive*>

Courier <*font face=courier*>

Courier New <*font face=couriernew*>

Helvetica <*font face=helvetica*>

Pacifico <*font face=pacifico*>

Papyrus <*font face=papyrus*>

Verdana <*font face=verdana*>

Small Caps: Credit for this font goes to Vesper Ivy Kettleburn!
<*font style="font-variant: small-caps"*>Text Here<*/font*>

There are a million websites that have cool fonts but here is the one I use:

But the fonts on this website only work on your intro, title, and name, not your backstory.
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