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First Issue: Pilot

Chapter 1
Today is January 27, 2021. The weather outside is bipolar. Here's the latest on the Wizarding World.
#1) Pilot: Scorpius Malfoy's Parentage: Fact or Fiction?
As we keep up on the latest rumors, we need to distinguish between fact and fiction. This week, the main focus is regarding the parentage of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. After releasing the information that they had a son, Draco and Astoria went into recluse, without any information of the birth or knowledge that Astoria was pregnant at all. Rumors spread that Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy might not even be a Malfoy at all. As we all know, Lucius Malfoy expected Draco to be a powerful Malfoy and help destroy Harry Potter so Lord Voldemort could reign supreme. Draco decided to turn against evil, saving Harry multiple times. Lucius and his wife followed their son, but Lucius is still openly a supporter of Dark Magic. Draco Malfoy, after the death of Astoria, admitted to having a Time-Turner during the time Scorpius was born. Allegations that he wasn’t able to have children spread. Since his father was such an open supporter of Voldemort, no surprise is found in the idea that Draco would have given him the opportunity to impregnate his wife (with the use of a Time-Turner) to carry on the Malfoy line. More fire has been added to the rumor with the information that Voldemort already had a daughter (Delphini) with Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco’s aunt on his mother’s side. Draco said in an interview, “Scorpius is biologically my son, as well as Astoria’s. The Time-Turner in my possession hasn’t been used since 1996. People shouldn’t listen to these rumors. My son is obviously mine, Tom Riddle wasn’t exactly a blonde. Astoria was sick, which is why we didn’t come out much. My son has been through enough, please stop these wild rumors and allegations.” So, Scorpius is a Malfoy. Seems like Lucius Malfoy (Draco's Father) still has someone to carry his name, but he won’t have an evil, all-powerful Malfoy for a while.

Scorpius Malfoy's Parentage by Kaitlyn Lovegood
#2) Special Issue- The Murder Of Mr. Decimal: Who was the true killer?
How did Mr. Remainder Die? (Special Edition!)
One day Remainder was walking alone down a street in Hogsmeade. He knew that there was a psycho killer on the loose but he had to get home to his kids! As he walked along, a large black truck with spiked wheels sped towards him and ran him over! But the doctor, who happened to be nearby, saved him! Unfortunately the townspeople accused him of being the killer and had him thrown into jail. The next day the killer tried to bomb the doctors home but he threw the bomb away. It landed in the jail and freed Mr. Remainder!

He climbed out and decided he needed a nice vacation with his wife, Mrs. Decimal! They went to America and went to visit the grand canyon! They walked along the edge, looking at an eagles nest. But what no one knew until recently was that Mrs. Decimal was vain and wanted muggles to use ONLY her for math! Her policy was “NO REMAINDERS!” And these were her last words before she was thrown into the dungeons.
Now some say that Mrs. Decimal pushed Mr. Remainder off the edge of the Grand Canyon! But ( to Mrs. Decimals In-ragement) He survived and grabbed a branch.

Eyewitnesses say they saw Mrs. Decimal try to, burn, stab, suffocate, drown, and run over her husband. All her attempts failed until the night of December 17th 2:47 PM 2020. She stabbed him and tossed him into the canyon! She had finally completed her mission. But, had she been caught?

Was Mrs. Decimal the Killer?

The doctor agrees, it is very possible
That Mrs. Decimal was indeed the
Killer. This idea is not a absurd theory,
as she was trying to kill him. Mrs.
Decimal on the other hand doesn't
admit she did any murdering.

Mrs. Decimals Trial
Mrs. Decimal was tried, and found guilty.
Even her children provided evidence against her!
She was thrown into jail and the last things she
Was heard to say was, “NO REMAINDERS!!!!”

Mr. Remainder Remembered
Mr Remainder’s funeral was held in all schools, at 12:37 PM. He was a loving father and Husband. He had four children, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. His wife, Mrs. Decimal was his murderer.

Mr. Remainder by Ginny S.
#3) Diary entry sent in from Ginevra Weasley:
Ginny Weasley peered out from behind a bookcase, she was watching a student slip into the restricted section, uninvited. She didn't think she should call them out, but books in there had been known to not be so friendly. But before she could decide what to do he was gone. She slipped in after him hoping to stop him from opening the wrong book. She crept behind a bookshelf to stalk him and ran smack dab right into her friends, Hermione Granger's leg. "What in the world..." she began but Hermione shushed her and told her to go about her business as usual. "And yes I did get a signed slip, and Lockhart signed it!" She snapped and ran off covering a very moldy book under her robes. That was weird, thought Ginny and returned to her mission. But the boy was nowhere to be found. She searched until Madam Pince said the library was closing. Maybe he left while I was talking to Hermione, she thought. But she didn't believe that, not one bit. Especially when she found he wasn't at breakfast the next day.
*If you know Harry Potter, then you know this diary entry is from Chamber of Secrets (Harry's 2nd year).*

Diary Entry uncovered by Ginny S.
#4) Suspicious Disappearance of Ravenclaw named Leah:
Two days ago, a 4th year Ravenclaw student named Leah was spotted by a 7th year Slytherin named Miles. A little while after she went in, he reported to the headmaster about what he saw. Later, the headmaster found her wandering the forest alone. She was clearly out of her mind and had to immediately be taken to St. Mungos. When they arrived there the headmaster found out she was tortured. They then need more information from Miles, so here is a record of the interview with Miles

Ministry worker: Hello Miles, you said you saw what happened with the girl?
Miles: Yes.
MW: So you said she entered the forest. Did you see where?
M: Yes. She entered to the west, where we do our Care of Magical Creatures classes.
MW: Ok. The headmaster told us she was found in the east, so she must have wandered far. How long was she in the forest for?
M: Well, I am not sure, but I got the headmaster after she was in there for about 15 minutes.
MW: Did you see anyone else enter the forest?
M: No.
MW: Anything else to add?
M: Well, I did hear her scream, that is when I got the headmaster.
MW: Ok. Thank you for your time and information.
M: Anytime.

After that interview, things changed. They did much investigation where he was talking about, but he found no signs of dark magic. Finally, they found someone else who claimed they witnessed the experience. She was a Ravenclaw 6th year, named Penelope. Here is the ministry's interview with her.

Ministry worker: Hello, Penelope. You said you saw what happened like the boy?
Penelope: Well actually, the boy was not there.
MW: Well you must have missed him.
P: No, he was lying, I am sure of it. She entered to the east of the forest.
MW: Well, this turns things upside down.
P: Yes, I suppose it does. I was just about to get the headmaster when that boy, Miles, came back with him.
MW: Ok. Thank you for your information, Penelope.
P: Your welcome.

Now, people do not know who to believe. After investigating both areas with advanced spells, they found the Cruciatus curse was used on the east, not the west. They decided to use "Priori Incantatem" to Miles wand and he did not do it, but he could have used her wand, which was found, destroyed, at the scene of the crime. He is getting put in Azkaban on a temporary basis, until we find out the truth.
Meanwhile, Leah was not getting better at St. Mungos. They said she will most likely be the way she is forever. Due to this strange attack, Hogwarts has locked down. No one is allowed to leave the castle walls until further notice. More on this case soon.
Missing Ravenclaw Named Leah by Violet Aymin
#5) Missing Ravenclaw Named Bri Everman
Hogwarts student has been reported missing

Yesterday, around 9:57 P.M., a third year Hogwarts student from Ravenclaw with the name of Bri Everman mysteriously disappeared from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Ministry of Magic has sent Aurors to investigate the premises. Some of the other Ravenclaw students have been questioned and are under investigation now. Here is an exclusive interview with one of Bri Everman's friends.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming here today, I am so sorry your friend is missing. Could you tell us a little about her?
Student: It's my pleasure. She was a really good person, always getting good grades and letting people into the common room when they couldn't figure out the riddle. She was really tall. She would always tease me about how short I am.
Interviewer: She sounds like a very wonderful person. Where was she before she went missing?
Student: Well, we were in our common room studying and it was almost time for dinner. We went to the Great Hall but she stayed behind and said she needed to use the restroom. So, I kept going because I knew she would eventually come. But, she didn't, and that's when I got worried. I went back to the common room and checked the Dorms, but she wasn't anywhere. I went and told the Headmaster, and we checked around the school, but we couldn't find her. So, she called the Ministry of magic, and here we are now.
Interviewer: Wow, that is just awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that!
Student: Thank you. I'd better get back to class now.
Interviewer: Thank you again for coming!
Student: Sure thing.

That is the scoop on the missing third year Hogwarts student. We'll get more details soon.
Missing Ravenclaw Named Bri Everman by Kinsley Black
#6) Latest Buzz on Harry Potter:
Many eyewitness say that they have seen Harry Potter all around Hogwarts. They he has been with two other first year student by the names of Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Bilius Weasley. We sent one of our personnel to investigate and they brought back an interview.

HP: Um, hello. What are you doing?
DP: How do you feel about being The Boy Who Lived?
HP: I hate it when people call me that.
DP: Ok, do you sometimes wish you had a normal life?
HP: Well, I just wish Voldemort, sorry sorry, You-Know-Who, didn't kill my parents.
DP: Valid.

This is the record of the conversation, and if we get more info we will let you know.
Latest Harry Potter Buzz by Ginny S.
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