Secret Love

written by Brownie

Young Romance Ivan Stone Felicia Jennings Finnian Jennings

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Felicia Jennings:

I'm walking on the quiet street to school. As always the wind blows a soft breeze and I pull my jacket closer to me. I dodge the man as he was too busy on his phone to look up. I hear footsteps running up to me and I knew who it was.
Ivan runs up and stops at the side of me. He smiles brightly at me and we keep walking to school.
"You're late what were you doing, giving another concert in the shower?" I tease him and he nudges me and laughs with me.
He glances at me for a second then dodges another person. He then just looks at me and I glance over to see why he went silent. The moment he saw me looking at him staring at me he turned away embarrassed. He seemed to do that a lot recently since we spent more time together this summer.
He was my brother, Finnian's, best friend and he would come over to our house a lot. His parents were usually out of town for the most part so he would be alone quite a lot. My brother also got a part time job this summer so he wasn't always around when Ivan came to visit. My parents would always welcome him to stay with us and he would always say yes.
He slept in the guest room that is right upstairs with mine and Finnian's room are. I sometimes would wake up in the morning to some noise coming from his room. I never really asked him about it because I wanted to give him space. I check the time on my phone and I sighed.
"Come on, we are late. The bell could ring any minute and we're not even there" I plead him to hurry by pulling on his sweater sleeve and he laughed.
"Oh but ow my foot. I think we might have to stop for a few minutes" He said jokingly.
I cross my arms and he just smiled brightly at me.
"You won't be smiling when you get a detention for being tardy." and he just smiled even brighter.
We start to run towards the school and split up and put our stuff in our lockers. He met me by my locker holding his things.
"Hurry up and get to class or else you'll be late as well. What do you have first though?" I say kinda curious about his classes.
He handed me his schedule and I memorized it. He had history first and I handed it back to him.
"I was thinking that I could walk you to class first since your first class is english which is right by history." he said stuffing his paper into his gray sweater pocket.
I smiled and we walk down the hall and talked a little bit. The halls weren't crowded and I knew everyone was already in class. I could tell he was looking at me again just like he was earlier. I look at him and he tries to pretend like he was looking at the sign on the door next to me.
"What are you looking at?" I said already knowing the answer but wanting to see him get flustered.
He looked around the hall jokingly to make me forget it by laughing and it worked because I let him slide from answering my question.
We are outside of my first class and it was kinda noisy with many voices. I wave at Ivan as he looks nervously at me and I wonder why but before I asked what was wrong he turned around and walked to the door next to my room. He entered it without looking back at me and I just tried to shrug it off but I kept thinking about it throughout first period.
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