The Daily Prophet Editon #2

written by I'm Sorry

Keeping you up to date with what's going on in the Wizarding and Witching World. The hottest scoops each week. Remember, the "Daily Prophet Editors" is an open group for all you Hogwarts student who are aspiring journalists. Post at least 1 story a week and I'll have polls to vote which. 10 stories a week is the hopeful minimum. Looking forward to working with you all!

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The Articals

Chapter 1
Todays Weather: Cold, wet icy, large amount of cold almost everywhere in the USA

Last night at 12:37 AM we caught wind of a murder that had happened under the cover of mid-night. We sent out two personel to investigate and they went to the scene of the crime. A young man had been killed underneath a mistletoe. His girlfriend had been staying the nightbecause of the harsh winter conditions but the aurors have other things to belive. Like the fact that her wand was stuck in her boot and the last spell it had cast was Avada Kedavra. Her name was Miss Shirly Linn and she had been carted off to Azkaban until further investigation is done and she has a trial.
Artical By: Ginny S. (GS) and Luna Johnson (LJ)

Poem of the Week:

There once was a Red Panda named Rorry
Desetend to be a star
His parents were killed by poachers, who tried to kill him too

Rorry gets adopted by Ginny S.
She thinks he would like Hogwarts
Rorry roams around the halls
what is that on the walls?
Its a bloddy message

Rorry meets Gs ses friends
Anegelina J
they never end

(Edited-ish by Ginny S. thought of by Rorry)

Artical #2 ~ Angulina Johnson's Diary: Entry Recovered By: Angulina J.

Dear Diary,
Today I had a Quidditch Match and this is what happened, I had the Quaffle, ad passed it to Alica Spinnet, then she got hit by a bludger and fellof her broom! After that, Lee Jordan said "Look at Alica take that like a champ!" Later that day Fred invited me to the Yule Ball! Ginny had agreed to go with Neville because she ouldn't have otherwise, so we were going to meet her there.
When we arived, Fred was standing there with George, who was with Alica, who's nose was a bit swollen. So we walked down the steps and went to get food, when I saw something, Ron had hit Draco across the face. Fed and Geroge ran over and Alica, Ginny and I followed. Dracos Nose was bleeding and ROn was being dragged to the dungeons by Snape UNTIL I tripped Snape and got on with my night. Me and Fred danced wildly so people back away to aviod ingury. After the night was almost over Fred took me back to the common room and we went to bed.
Entry Recovered By: Angulina J.

Artical #3 ~ Covid-19 at Hogwarts
So, word has it a sort of flu like sickness, the Coronavirus has been raging around the muggle world for months now. We would like to report that the first Hogwarts student has fallen ill! He was A Hufflepuff 4th year.

Without further ado the teachers put him in the hospital wing. The virus spread to his two friends, who were also Hufflepuffs, so the school has stopped all lessons and decided to keep students in there dorms. They are aloud to go outside each house at a time. So to help each trapped house with the regulations We have a few examples of what to do.
Here are a few examples to stay healthy and sane during these hard times. One way is to help others whether that be donating canned food or donating some spare change. Another way is to have family fun activities on a regular basis. Whether that be watching a family movie with candy soft drinks and popcorn or playing games it will cheer most people up. A final way to stay sane is social distance picnics if the weather allows. Schedule online meets with your friends or family but never for too long. One way is to help other local businesses. They are struggling during this time and may need help! And finally just get away from that computer!!! It may be fun while it lasts but too much usage gives you a HORRIBLE headache. Remember one thing “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light!”
Ways to stay healthy include wearing masks and social distancing. But don't forget eating healthy! This is important but I don’t really eat very healthy so I shouldn't lecture!
Article By: Ginny S. and Luna Johnson

(Next Issue will come out eventually! And be published by Kaitlyn Lovegood! She was very buisy and asked me I would publish the book, so I did)
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