The Seer's Guide To Seeing

written by Professor Wessex

A beginner's guide to the many-faceted field of divination.

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Dedications And Acknowledgements

Chapter 1

This book is dedicated to everyone who helped create it, and to everyone who has brought it, and and everyone who studies Divination. Without you, this book would not have been possible. Thank you.

John K.
Between keeping up his research on Divination, John Kochly attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, studying Motion Pictures & Television, fascinated by the novelty with which muggles regard moving pictures.

To John;

Thank you for your writing on the introduction, Omens and the end. Your ability to research and produce wonderfully written work is incredible. You set the tone of the book, and have included some great ideas to think about.

Mikella E.

I was a pureblood witch living in the States. I read the first of the Harry Potter Biographies when I was eight years old and it became my dream to attend the same school as the Boy Who Lived when I was old enough. Receiving my letter from Hogwarts was one of the greatest moments of my life. When I arrived at Hogwarts as an awestruck first year, I was sorted into Slytherin. Despite the House’s reputation, I proudly wore the green and silver. During my years at Hogwarts, I promoted House unity and forged bonds with my peers from all four Houses. I participated in various organizations and clubs, including my House Quidditch team as a Chaser; received high marks in most of my courses, was appointed as a Slytherin House Prefect, and specialized in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. With a passion for reading and writing that reached across the boundary between the wizarding and Muggle worlds, I decided to return to the States after leaving Hogwarts to attend a Muggle university and pursue a degree in creative writing. When I heard about Hogwarts is Here, I knew I had to be involved in bringing the magic I experienced at Hogwarts to those who might not be as lucky as I was to attend the prestigious school. I was thrilled when I was accepted to be a part in producing the textbooks for the Hogwarts is Here students. More than anything, I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to collaborate with witches and wizards of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

To Mikella;

Your work on Palmistry and Dream Interpretation is amazing, and inspiring. You have explored all realms about the studies, and made the work understandable to all. It’s clear, and includes some personal touches. Thank you.

Ever R.

Ever Rose is a half-blood who was raised in a mostly Muggle community. She was a proud Gryffindor during her Hogwarts years, although jokes that she is "part Ravenclaw" as she loves learning and writing about any topic from Alchemy to Herbology, whether she's being published or not. She currently spends her days teaching at a Muggle high school in the USA and doing some freelance writing on the side. During the summers she continues writing, but always makes room for at least one educational trip. Her favorite trip to date was the summer she was an intern with the Curse Breakers.

To Ever;

As the tarot is my favourite branch, I was hesitant to give this chapter away, but you have done incredible work. Your meanings are great, and your examples and clear and detailed. 

Skye R.
Currently pursuing a master's degree in English from Arkansas State University. Duties include Composition I instructor, writing center tutor, and researcher. My emphasis is Composition and Rhetoric.

To Skye;

Tasseography and Crystallomancy are meant to be the hardest realms of Divination and I am so pleased with everything you have done for these parts of the book. Everything you’ve written in relevant, clear and detailed. Thank you!

Emily V.

A Ravenclaw through and through, I strived to succeed in all my classes, but Herbology and Potions were my best classes. It’s due to my love of grammar, instilled in me by my mom who home-schooled me before I attended Hogwarts, that I applied for a job editing textbooks. I’m  the middle of five kids from a Muggle dad and a witch mom, so I used my academic success to try and stand apart from my many siblings. Since graduating from Hogwarts, I’ve been furthering my studies in Herbology, hoping to become a Professor someday. I’m also attending a Muggle university to get a degree in Psychology. In the future, I’m hoping to study the effect magic has on the psychology of witches and wizards.

To Emily;

I applaud you. I know how hard it is to proofread pages and pages, but I cannot imagine what it must be like for a book like this. Thank you!

To Mallory;

Now to thank the person without whom this book would not have been written. You are always in great control our every situation, and you make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when. Your organisational skills are second to none, and I can’t imagine anyone better to do your job. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

To Professor Black;

We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your guidance and support throughout the process.

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