The Seer's Guide To Seeing

written by Venita Wessex

A beginner's guide to the many-faceted field of divination.

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The Tarot

Chapter 5

Tarot is a form of cartomancy, or divination using a deck of cards. This chapter will cover a brief history of Tarot, the cards themselves, basic spreads, and how to perform a Tarot reading.

Tarot cards date back to the mid-15th century, and were used as playing cards at the time. It wasn’t until the 18th century that they became commonly used as a form of divination. Perhaps one of the best-known of the early Tarot readers was the French wizard Jean-Baptiste Alliette (also known by his pseudonym Etteilla). Alliette is remembered for his book, Etteilla, ou manière de se récréer avec un jeu de cartes ("Etteilla, or a Way to Entertain Yourself With a Deck of Cards"), which includes information about spreads and meanings of cards when reversed.  Alliette’s book had a huge impact on Tarot in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds and is still referenced today.

The Major Arcana cards deal with the powers and mysteries of the universe.  While all cards in a reading are significant, these are often weighed more heavily than the Minor Arcana cards when interpreting a reading.  There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a traditional Tarot deck. The meanings may vary based on the individual, placement, deck, or any other number of variables. Below is a list of the Major Arcana cards along with some suggested meanings. More about interpreting cards will follow later in this chapter. Please note that sometimes numbers 8 and 11, Strength and Justice, are sometimes switched in different decks.

0 – The Fool

The Fool can be listed at the front or the end of the Major Arcana

Meaning: Thoughtlessness, innocence, light-heartedness, creativity, eccentricity, repose of the body and mind, happiness.

Reversed: Foolishness, interruption of all connection with the world, slavery to the senses, carelessness, lack of control, poor judgment, apathy.

1 – The Magician

Meaning: The merging of the four elements, diplomacy, ability, surprise, opportunities to use talents, creativity, imagination.

Reversed: Bad judgment causes loss, unskilled, clumsy, unscrupulous, lies, disgrace.

2 – The High Priestess

Meaning: Study, wisdom, practicality, good judgment, faith, mystery, secrets revealed, the clouded future, a woman of interest to the seeker or the seeker herself.

Reversed: Bad judgment, laziness, ignorance, introversion, poor intuition, passion, conceit, closed mentality.

3 – The Empress

Meaning: Fertility, pregnancy, intelligence, good advice, necessary delay, understanding, resolving help, security, a competent woman building a future for her and her family.

Reversed: Infertility, indecision, lack of clarity, lack of satisfaction, uncertainty, infidelity, unable to bring about concrete events.

4 – The Emperor

Meaning: Stability, strength, solving material problems, a father figure, secure & successful, a stable and authoritative leader, protection.

Reversed: Tyranny, arrogance, confusion, obstruction, immaturity, ineffectiveness, weakness of character, wrong judgment, legal or professional problems.

5 – The Hierophant

Sometimes called the High Priest

Meaning: Inspiration, tradition, government, captivity, clemency, relief, a desire to hold on to old thoughts and ways, a wise man one returns to.

Reversed: Eccentricity, weakness, rancor, intolerance, loss of confidence in self and others, vulgar and material actions, intrigue, a foolish exercise in generosity.

6 – The Lovers

Meaning: Choice, test, love, respect, partnership, trust, communication, romance, beauty, a couple that has worked together to overcome trials.

Reversed: Failure, unreliability, separation, instability, silence, temptation, infidelity, broken promises, unrequited love.

7 – The Chariot

Meaning: Victory, work and travel, purpose, triumph, ambitions, ability to lead, controlling forces which might conflict and bringing them together to form a working whole.

Reversed: Defeat, failure, quarrels, collapse of hopes and dreams, unfavorable legal proceedings, mistaken judgment, bad government.

8 – Strength

Meaning: Power, strength, energy, courage, helping others solve problems, prevailing intelligence, moral fortitude.

Reversed: Cruelty, tyranny, impulsive reactions, weakness, sickness, discord, abuse of power, a strong and dangerous enemy.

9 – The Hermit

Meaning: Prudence, wisdom, silence, solitude, austerity, loneliness, good counsel, a withdrawal from life may be needed to find one’s center, counsellor, expert.

Reversed: Misanthropy, self-pity, rashness, emotional immaturity, imprudence, hidden enemies, withdrawal from one’s problems with no constructive plans.

10 – The Wheel of Fortune

Meaning: Change, destiny, fortune, good luck, time, natural cycles, fortuitous advantages, moving ahead for better or worse.

Reversed: Reversal of fortunes, failure, bad luck, unexpected interference.

11 – Justice

Meaning: Balance, equality, harmony, rightness, fairness, law, respect for hierarchy and rules, negotiations.

Reversed: Bias, prejudice, subversion, cruel punishment, intolerance, incivility, problems arising from wrong behavior.

12 – The Hanged Man

Meaning: Suspense, sacrifice, life interrupted, transition, inner search for truth, material detachment, illumination.

Reversed: Futile attempts, a wasted search, inability to act, illness, selfishness, a useless gesture, repentance.

13 – Death

Meaning: End, sudden change, radical transformation, a reminder of mortality, a discovery that changes the seeker’s life direction.

Reversed: Lethargy, depression, resisting the inevitable, stagnation.

14 – Temperance

Meaning: Moderation, meditation, regeneration, pleasant change, healing, obtaining security through frugal management of means.

Reversed: Inability to adapt, inner tensions, oppositions, illness, tiredness, hostility, misunderstanding, a person with whom it is impossible to work.

15 – The Devil

Meaning: Greed, lust, jealousy, strong desire, egotism, charm, enchantment, dissolution, bad influence or advice, a choice on which your fate depends.

Reversed: Rest, a new life’s direction, a release.

16 – The Tower

Meaning: Change, pride, exile, broken friendships, destruction, punishment, collapse of convictions, catastrophic transformation.

Reversed: Tyranny, continued oppression, lack of change, monetary losses, failure, loss of defenses, chaos.

17 – The Star

Meaning: Hope, faith, intelligence, a bright idea, purity of spirit, an awareness of two worlds, blending of the best of the past and present.

Reversed: Loss of hope or faith, laziness, indifference, unrealized hopes, arrogance, bad omens, moodiness.

18 – The Moon

Meaning: A warning, deception, enemies out of sight, a caution to stay on your path for safety, hallucinations, difficult quests, strange meetings.

Reversed: Danger, lunatic temperament, insincere relationships, adulation, a white lie, a tiny mistake, silence, stillness.

19 – The Sun

Meaning: Harmony, accomplishment, good prospects, success, material happiness, sincerity, love, generosity, pleasure, freedom, clarity, resolution of problems.

Reversed: Lesser joys, a separation from loved ones, an uncertain future, hypocrisy, deseitfulness, irritability, misunderstandings, belated success.

20 – Judgement

Meaning: Change of position, renewal, rebirth, decision, atonement, acquiring a purpose, examination of one’s conscience, fame, superior judgment.

Reversed: Weakness, lost affections separation, confrontation, indecision, remorse, frustration, bewilderment.

21 – The World

Meaning: Completion, reward, end of a way of life, success, cosmic cycle, a new beginning, opportunity, hope for the future, triumph.

Reversed: Disappointment, inability to finish what has been started, stagnation, failure, obstacles, setbacks, hostility.

 The Minor Arcana cards deal with day-to-day concerns. Because they cover so many aspects of life, it is very challenging to perform a complete reading using only the Minor Arcana. There are four suits within the Minor Arcana: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit has fourteen cards: Ace, cards numbered 2-10, Page (sometimes called Knave), Knight, Queen, and King. Below is some information about each suit and possible meanings for each card.


Cups, sometimes called Chalices, are the equivalent of the suit of hearts in a modern, Muggle deck of cards. As one might expect, they are linked to matters of the heart and material comfort. They are also associated with the element of water.


Meaning: Abundance, satisfaction, happiness, fertility.

Reversed: unfaithful, false love or hope, change, a delay in fulfillment.


Meaning: Passion, love, affinity, friendship, cooperation, agreement, coming together.

Reversed: Lack of balance, miscommunicating, love turns to hate.


Meaning: Birth, balance, celebration, healing, harmony, the beginning of a relationship.

Reversed: Plenty becomes need, being underappreciated, overindulgence.


Meaning: Growth, introspection, solitude, new acquaintances, self-awareness, may also indicate a period of dissatisfaction.

Reversed: The start of taking action, the beginning of a relationship, new possibilities.


Meaning: Fear, return to family, the end of a relationship, loss, refusal of meetings, isolation from the external world.

Reversed: New alliances, someone lost returns, courage in the face of challenges, renewal.


Meaning: Memories, innocence, idealism return to the past, nostalgia dreams.

Reversed: Renewal, the future.


Meaning: Imagination, head in the clouds, creativity, fantasies, search for utopia, the seeker may need a return to reality.

Reversed: Willfulness, action, determination.


Meaning: Disappointment with love, maturation, modesty, rejection of the material and embracing the spiritual, leaving the certain to seek the unknown, sentimental steadfastness.

Reversed: Hedonism, new love, abundance, search for pleasure, forsaking responsibility.


Meaning: Virtue, satisfaction, affection, admiration, plenty, success, fulfilled wishes.

Reversed: Smugness, deprivation, self-indulgence, absence of upright qualities.


Meaning: Recognition, plenty, contentment, rest, peace, joy, happy union.

Reversed: Loss of friendship, disappointment, sadness.


Meaning: Confidant, messenger of love, studious, artistic, idealism, young collaborator, birth, a child bringing joy.

Reversed: Lack of discretion, seduction, deception, poor taste.


Meaning: Friend, passionate lover, appeal, inspiration, love at first sight.

Reversed: Trickery, warning against fraud, competing for love.


Meaning: Lover, wife, sincere friends, sensitivity, foresight, protective or nurturing mother figure.

Reversed: Too much imagination, passive, overprotective, stifling.


Meaning: Intellectual, strength, mature person, a father figure, a kind and considerate man.

Reversed: A powerful and two-faced man, a violent man, a double-cross.


Sometimes called coins or discs, the pentacles are equivalent to the modern suit of diamonds. They pertain to money, goods, services, work, and the status of the seeker’s possessions. They are tied to the element of earth.


Meaning: Prosperity, victory, profit, acquisition, contentment.

Reversed: Corruption, misuse of wealth or power, discontent with wealth.


Meaning: Balance, fluctuation, harmony amid change or conflict, control.

Reversed: instability, being overwhelmed, a lack of control.


Meaning: Professional talents are rewarded, skill with art, publicity, effort pays off.

Reversed: Poor quality workmanship, a focus on gain rather than skill or art, lack of recognition, mediocrity.


Meaning: Realization, investment, growth of business, greed, shortsightedness, imbalance.

Reversed: Opposition, change of fortune, overspending, delayed again.


Meaning: Savings, loss, loneliness, destitution.

Reversed: New employment, a return of home, courage, renewal.


Meaning: Help with finances, gifts, vigilance, gratifying the desire to help or repay someone.

Reversed: Avarice, instability in finances, jealousy.


Meaning: Help where it’s needed, start or growth of a business through hard work, charity, cleverness, optimism.

Reversed: Financial loss, poor investments, financial anxiety.


Meaning: Expanding knowledge or skills, apprenticeship, patience, understanding personal limits, hard work at low pay, creation.

Reversed: Vanity, a warning against borrowing money, lack of emotion.


Meaning: Material comforts, investments, earned income, security, femininity.

Reversed: Danger, loss of security, overspending, dissatisfied, a nearby threat.


Meaning: Wealth, inheritance, positive domestic change, home and family matters.

Reversed: Gambling, a poor risk, emotional loss, death, loss of property.


Meaning: Student, young person who makes the seeker proud, new ideas, a bringer of messages.

Reversed: Bad news, waste, illogical thoughts, tardiness.


Meaning: A mature man, consultant, arrogant, responsible, travel is possible, someone who will help the seeker.

Reversed: A warning against travel, laziness, watch for deceit, problems at work.


Meaning: Desire for safety, convenient marriage, a generous woman with the seeker’s interest at heart, grounded, maturity, monetary gifts, intelligence, hard work.

Reversed: Overly dependent, untrusting, neglect of duties, fear of failure that may affect one’s nature.


Meaning: A rich man in both material and spirit, a business man, high in stature, reliable, helpful.

Reversed: Overly materialistic, stupidity, stubbornness, hedonism, someone dangerous when angry.


The swords are equivalent to the modern suit of spades. Swords tie in to the more serious areas of life: trouble, strife, courage, authority, and health. They often represent the element of air.


Meaning: Conquest, a champion or leader, decision, fighting spirit, meeting goals.

Reversed: Overuse of force, destruction, tyranny, a separation.


Meaning: Duel, opposing strengths, judgment, precarious balance, second-guessing, the seeker has the ability to balance the situation.

Reversed: End of waiting, new situation to be wary of, possible travel in the near future.


Meaning: Analysis, emotional pain, grief, separation, end of an affair of the heart.

Reversed: Less extreme version of the upright meanings.


Meaning: Isolation, meditation, personal struggle, ignoring or avoiding a problem, returning to the basics.

Reversed: An end to rest, beginning a more active life.


Meaning: Defeat, punishment, cheating, betrayal, guilt, remorse, manipulation, cowardice.

Reversed: Empty victory, unfair, slyness in dealing with others.


Meaning: Imprisonment, tiredness, misunderstanding, a journey that may be leaving safety for uncertainty or alternately moving into a better situation, seeking a higher state of consciousness.

Reversed: No escape, a postponed trip, the seeker may want to consider pursuing a higher level of consciousness.


Meaning: A failed plan, subterfuge, theft, secrets, trapped, discretion, stealth.

Reversed: Over-qualification, stolen property is returned, good advice.


Meaning: Fear, bound, indecision, prison, self-defense.

Reversed: Respite from fear, a new beginning, release, freedom.


Meaning: Suffering, doubt, repressing emotions, holding back impulses, dishonesty, the worst may be yet to come.

Reversed: An end to suffering and desolation, patience, faithfulness, good news about a loved one.


Meaning: Misfortune, defeat, affliction, insanity, unreliability, unseen pain, failure, evils or misfortunes may be coming to an end.

Reversed: Evil overthrown, courage, success, recovery.


Meaning: Investigator, someone able to keep secrets, vigilance, insight, search for truth, the seeker may enlist the help of a younger person.

Reversed: Childishly cruel, unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances, vulnerability.


Meaning: A soldier, brave, triumph over opposition, fiery temperament, impatience.

Reversed: Unsuccessful or erratic behavior, poor judgment, extravagance, an impulsive mistake.


Meaning: A strong woman, perception, power, possible remorse or melancholy.

Reversed: Deceit, cruelty, gossip, quarrelsome.


Meaning: An intelligent and strong-willed man, perceptive, passion, discipline, someone with a knowledge of law may be involved.

Reversed: Cruel and hard hearted, untrustworthy, tyranny, crafty, stubborn.


Also called rods, staves, or batons, the suit of wands is equivalent to the modern day clubs. This suit deals with negotiation, cleverness with words, and travel. All aspects of life can be advised by wands: business, personal, and family. This suit is connected to the element of fire.


Meaning: Adventure, discovery, fertility, a beginning, a birth, invention.

Reversed: False start, unrealized goal, decadence, stagnation, sterility.


Meaning: Balance, collaboration, generosity, intellect, organizational ability, possibly a journey near water.

Reversed: Avoid impatience, empty success, something good goes bad, overwhelmed or dominated by others.


Meaning: Success in business, strength, travel, preparation, fruitful encounters.

Reversed: Bad or business, poor grasp of the future.


Meaning: Harmony, romance, alliances, reward, tranquility, hard work pays off.

Reversed: Loss of tranquility, dissatisfaction with the present, ingratitude.


Meaning: Obstacles, internal conflict, fatigue, effort, indecision.

Reversed: Trickery, complexity, involvement.


Meaning: Risk of loss, delicate balance, achievement, acclaim, chance of good news.

Reversed: Delay, fear, disloyalty, empty victory.


Meaning: Frustrations may be overcome, success, negotiation, bravery, problems solved.

Reversed: Misgivings about an outcome, anxiety, hesitation to act comes at a cost.


Meaning: Planning, projects, expectations, moving too hastily, travel.

Reversed: Jealousy, dispute, oppression, poor conscience.


Meaning: Changes, challenges, experience, disenchantment, hidden foes, a need for distance from a situation to really see it.

Reversed: Obstacles, problems, illness, disability, calamity.


Meaning: Teamwork, continued commitment, competition, bearing too large a load, an abundance of success becomes oppressive.

Reversed: Selfishness, pushing responsibility onto others, lack of teamwork.


Meaning: An energetic child, faithful, loyal, a messenger, unexpected news, possible travel, an idea leads to success.

Reversed: Juvenile pranks, bad news, indecision, gossip, an insincere acquaintance.


Meaning: Travel, sudden departure, a distant relative, action despite distractions, important news, an impending move.

Reversed: Misunderstanding, interrupted progress, discord, separation.


Meaning: An energetic woman, passion, nature, practicality, need for understanding, a trusted friend.

Reversed: Strictness, vengeance, unfaithfulness, passion dominates over other concerns.


Meaning: A passionate man, conscientious, entrepreneur, father figure, wisdom.

Reversed: A severe man, harsh, intolerant, prejudices, opinionated.

Different decks have different looks. See the examples here and compare the symbolism. Do the cards tell you the same thing, or communicate different meanings? Note in the second example that one card does not have distinct imagery like the other two cards. Many decks, especially older ones, do not have as much imagery on their numbered Minor Arcana.  This is something to remember when you choose your own deck.

Here we will cover two different spreads, although there are several to choose from. One spread is intended for a specific question, the other for a general reading. It is possible to make up a spread as long as you have an intent for each card. A question can even be answered with one card, although it’s easier to get more clarity with at least three cards. Below are examples of the two spreads addressed in this text.

The Five Card Spread:

Intended for a specific question. See sample (left).

From left to right:

Card 1: The question.

Card 2: The background (events and situation) leading up to the question.

Card 3: The seeker. May indicate character strength or flaw relevant to the situation, or how the seeker has tried to answer the question.

Card 4: The environment (outside world) and its impact on answering the question.

Card 5: The answer. One may find a suggestion of the proper action to take in the interpretation of this card.

In this situation:

The seeker is searching for a new job and wants to know if they will find one soon.

Card 1: The Star (reversed). There may be unrealized hopes, pride, and a loss of hope or faith.

Card 2: The Fool. Innocence, one seeking fulfillment and experience.

Card 3: Knight of Swords. Righteous anger, triumph over opposition, a practical solution to a problem.

Card 4: The Chariot (reversed). Trouble, failure, collapse of hopes and dreams.

Card 5: Death. The end of an era and a beginning. Change affecting the seeker’s life direction.

In this case, the seeker’s question about finding a new job stems from their discontent with their job, and possibly some pride mixed in with their lack of faith in their current situation. The background shows that there was at some point hope of fulfillment in their position. The seeker is represented by the Knight of Swords, showing that they are (or feel they are) justifiably upset over current issues at work, but that they have come to realize that they must overcome their challenges by getting a different position. The environment shows that the world may not make this an easy journey. The answer will involve a great change, but it will create a new beginning. Overall, the seeker is on the right path, but it may not be an easy one.

The Ten Card Spread:

Also called the Celtic Cross. This is used for general readings.

Card 1: The center card – Present Situation.

Card 2: The card across card 1 – Major influence on the situation.

Card 3: Directly under card 1 – Goal, aspiration, or fate. May represent seeker’s hopes.

Card 4: To the left of card 1 – Far past basis of the situation.

Card 5: Above card 1 – Recent past basis of the situation.

Card 6: To the right of card 1 – Near future of the situation.

Card 7: Bottom card in the right-hand column – Self. This represents the seeker in the situation.

Card 8: Above card 7 – Feelings. The way the seeker’s feeling may affect the situation or the emotional state they should try to emulate.

Card 9: Above card 8 – Hopes and fears of the seeker in the current situation.

Card 10: Above card 9 – Final outcome is things proceed along the current track.

In this situation:

Card 1: Five of Cups (reversed). Renewal, new alliances, courage to overcome difficulties.

Card 2: The Sun.  Accomplishment, success, contentment.

Card 3: Two of Pentacles (reversed). Too much to handle, instability, lack of control.

Card 4: Ace of Pentacles. Contentment, bright prospects.

Card 5: Six of Swords. Leaving difficulties for safety, finding understanding, a journey.

Card 6: Six of Cups. Innocence, youthful idealism.

Card 7: Knight of Cups. An opportunity, appeal, creativity, inspiration.

Card 8: Wheel of Fortune. Change, destiny, fortune, moving on for better or worse.

Card 9: Eight of Pentacles (reversed). A lack of emotion, caution against borrowing money.

Card 10: Page of Swords (reversed). Childish cruelty, unfortunate circumstances. Vulnerability.

In this case, the seeker did not choose a situation and let the cards pick. This can cause somewhat vague readings as you will see in this example. We see that the situation is a sense of renewal with an opportunity to overcome challenges, affected by the seeker’s recent accomplishments. The seeker fears that they are fated to be overwhelmed and not control their life. In the distant past they were happy with high hopes for the future, but more recently have come to realize that they may have gotten themselves into a situation that they must now get out of. We see that the near future looks bright and happy, and this may be affected by the seeker’s hopes. Here the seeker sees themselves as inspired, creative, and open to opportunity, and they feel very strongly that this is the time for change. The seeker is afraid that they will not find a better situation and that they may face unhappiness or financial troubles. The outcome shows vulnerability and unfortunate circumstances.  Overall, the seeker is clouding their future with their fears. They should be advised to move forward and get out of the situation that makes them feel so insecure. While change may be frightening, they should implement a more positive attitude and some faith in themselves. This will help them find a better outcome.

The seeker felt that this reading tied into their job search, and that their fears were indeed weighing them down and reducing their motivation. A second reading with the seeker focusing on positive thoughts for the situation proved to have a better outcome, with good employment and success indicated.

When reading the Tarot, there is a basic process with infinite variations based on the individuals, the cards, and the situation. In any reading, the following things happen:

1.  The cards are shuffled.

2.  A question is asked or a situation is presented for clarifying.

3.  Cards are dealt into an appropriate spread.

4.  The cards are read by the diviner.

Those are the basics, but each diviner has their own style, and their own relationship with the cards. For example, the famous 19th century Witch, Hillda Wandroot, insisted that once the seeker touched the cards they should remain untouched by anyone else until after the reading. To ensure that her magic did not bias the cards, she wore enchanted gloves that allowed her to move the cards without “contaminating” them with any of her magic or her essence. Her readings were known to be very relevant to the seeker’s situation, but without her magic to balance it out, they often read with a strong bias from the seeker’s perspective.  Here we will review some basic style choices for you to consider as you learn to read Tarot.

Shuffling the cards:

Most diviners prefer to shuffle their cards before they make contact with the seeker, but some feel that it is best for the cards to be shuffled by the person asking the question.  Once the cards have been shuffled, the seeker should cut the cards while thinking of their question or situation.

Asking the Question:

Here is one of the biggest differences between diviners. Some prefer to be told up front what the question or situation is while others prefer not to know. There are advantages and disadvantages either way.

When the question is clearly presented it allows the diviner to do a reading with a clear idea of what they are looking for. Unfortunately, it can also bias a diviner. The cards can pick up on other things in the seeker’s life, and sometimes a reading will address an issue other than the intended question.

When the question is known only to the seeker, the diviner is able to perform an unbiased reading. Unfortunately, they are also forced to be vague, or may misinterpret something because they were unaware of the situation. In order to compensate for that, many will do a reading “blind” and at the end will ask for the actual question and will review the reading with that in mind.

Cards are Dealt:

Another difference in style is how cards are dealt. Some prefer to lay all the cards face down and flip one over at a time while they read. Others prefer to lay them all out face up from the start. Some find the face up style to be too distracting, while others prefer it because it allows them to see how the cards connect to one another during the reading.

The Cards are Read:

It is important to remember that the meanings of each card can vary widely, and it is important to trust your intuition as you read. Sometimes the meaning in a reading is not in a book, but is in the card itself. Let the imagery in the cards help you as you learn the art of Tarot.

Sometimes a card does not present a clear answer, or is confusing in its position. Some diviners will clarify a card in that situation by drawing another card from the deck and reading it in conjunction with the original card. Some believe that this should only be done with Minor Arcana cards, while others will use this process to clarify any card that they feel is unclear. As always, this is a personal choice by diviners.

Remember that you should always have strict control of your magic and your feelings when performing a reading. That’s not to say that you should lock them away, but you should make sure that they are working for you and not against you when you divine. The cards are sensitive, which is why even some special Muggles can read the Tarot with some success.

If you wish to pursue the Tarot, it would be wise to get a deck that is yours and yours alone. Much like getting a wand, the right deck of cards will choose you. The relationship between a Wizard and his Tarot can become as special and sacred as that of a Wizard and his Wand.

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