The Seer's Guide To Seeing

written by Professor Wessex

A beginner's guide to the many-faceted field of divination.

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Chapter 8

Crystallomancy is a form of divination or scrying achieved through trance induction by means of gazing at a crystal. Skilled seers have the ability to reveal past events, interpret present affairs, and predict future occurrences. Gazing can also reveal hidden truths about individuals, including the seer. Fortunes and predictions are interpreted from the appearance of omens.

  Gazing effectively first requires an appropriate question. The most fruitful questions are not simply answered by a positive or negative response. For example, the question "Did I leave my pajamas at home?" would not yield results because it can be answered with a yes or no. Appropriate questions cannot be answered positively or negatively because they require interpretation. "Will I have a healthy baby this year?" is one of the most common questions answered by seers. The seer cannot give an affirmative or negative response because of the interpretation involved in reading omens. Instead of yes and no, good questions yield responses such as likely or not likely, good or bad will, and success or failure.  

  Trance induction can be achieved through any reflective surface, such as jewels and mirrors. However, the crystal ball is the preferred medium because its uniform shape and dense core are easy to read. In order to read the crystal accurately, certain conditions must be met. First, the actual ball must be in perfect condition. The surface should have no cracks or dents, as the accuracy of the gazing will be jeopardized. Crystals should always be wrapped in black silk before readings. The black silk keeps the crystal from being corrupted or damaged by supernatural forces.

  An accurate gazing also requires time, patience, and silence. Fortunes can never be rushed, even in the most dire of circumstances. A typical reading lasts for an hour, but gifted seers are known for gazing several hours at a time. Gazing for over an hour should never be attempted by a novice. An accurate reading takes an ample amount of time because the mind has to prepare for the psychic connection. Connecting with the crystal takes practice, so it's best to be in a comfortable position. Novices should rest their crystal on a stand, but professional seers will hold their ball in a black, silk cloth.

  Time of day is also an important factor when gazing. Depending on the seer, certain parts of the day are favorable for gazing. If a seer is having trouble making a connection, the next step would be to try gazing in the early morning or at night. The majority of seers reach peak ability around midnight. Before making an attempt to gaze, let a professor know so they can supervise.

  In order to achieve mental clarity and silence, the seer should pick a quiet place to work. Novices are recommended to avoid isolated locations in case of emergencies. After finding a location, the seer should make themselves completely comfortable. A psychic connection is achieved through silence, slow breathing, and focus. The seer should remove all thoughts other than the question.

  Once arrangements have been made and the conditions have been met, the crystal and the seer should be ready. When gazing, the seer should consider changes in coloration as a sign of an omen. Green, blue, and purple all indicate a good omen, while red, orange, and yellow are negative. Black is the worst color, indicating death or disaster. If black in seen, the seer should immediately dismiss all guests and cleanse their space. White is the best possible color omen, indicating good-will, positivity, and success.

  Numbers and symbols are also common omens. One, three, and seven are considered an indications of good fortune. Other numbers are independently neutral except for six. The number six, especially if repeated, is a bad omen. If the number six appears more than once, it indicates an impending curse. Advanced or professional seers have the best chance of seeing a symbol, but occasionally gifted novices have seen rudimentary symbols. The most common symbol to appear for a novice is a circle, which indicates wholeness or completion. Typically, a circle can represent inner-peace, positive changes, or a potential pregnancy. If the circle is broken, an event will hinder the completion of the omen, such as unexpected miscarriage. Novice seers who find a symbol should report to their professor immediately. A powerful gaze by a young mind can result in serious psychic disturbances.

  Crystallomancy is a powerful form of divination not to be underestimated. Professional seers have been able to predict major events in magical history, including the return of Voldemort and the death of Albus Dumbledore. Novice seers should not expect results immediately. Crystallomancy requires skills that take years to perfect. Those interested in advancing their crystal-gazing skill should dedicate time to practicing several times a week. Over time, a seer will develop a connection with their crystal ball, resulting in quicker trances and elaborate omens. Crystallomancy is difficult, but the results are worth the time and effort.

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