The Boy From My Books

written by Brownie

The boy I chased for many years, Come to find out he was actually real.

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Chapter 1
My name is Clara Moon. I'm absorbed in my own little world of my books. The romance books to be precise. I have always loved love, especially in the books. The stories of how two people love each other so much that nothing would go wrong and that they would do anything for the other. These things sometimes get to my head and blur the reality from me. That I will never find my soulmate.
I'm just a unpopular, weird, and clumsy girl that nobody likes. I don't have a friend and nobody likes to talk to me unless it's an insult. That's why I always had my head in the book. Imagining what kind of boy I wouldn't mind to fall deeply in love with. I guess since I've read many books about amazing, brave, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind boys, I have started imagining my dream boy and how he would act or how he would look like.
I even wrote down in my notebook when I was 14 what I'd want my dream boy to be. Even though I tweaked and added a few thing here and there I fell in love with an imaginary boy who never will be real.
* would have to love romance books like me
* tall, but gentle
* sensitive, but able to stand up for himself if needed
* will love me deeply and would never break my heart
* have beautiful green eyes that was enchanting and had a sparkle in them when he was happy
* his smile would shine as bright as the sun and he would always know how to cheer me up
* his hair would be a dirty blonde and would always be messy
* comb his hair with his fingers when he was nervous
* when he was scared he would shut his eyes and stand completely still
* also have reading glasses like I do.
* be one of the popular boys but will always hang out with me.
* smart but wouldn't raise his hand in class.
* be socially awkward.
* his hands would feel so warm in mine.
* when he hugs me it would feel right.

He....would be amazing if he was real.
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