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Charms First Year- Journal Entry

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First Lesson

Part One - Introduction:

Since I was a child magical things had always catch my eyes. After a bit of research in my family history, I found out that I might be a witch. Besides Astronomy, I am also very interested in Potions and Charms.
I think these two are essential skills every Wizard should be able to perform. Talking about Charms, my interest split in two directions. Charms you need in your daily life and Charms you need to fulfill more advanced Potions.

I know that in this particular Charms class Potion-Charms won´t be a lesson, but I am still very interested.
The fact that you can perform a Spell to enlighten a Room or make things just fly is very fascinating to me. In my eyes, even the spellcasting theory is a crucial factor to perform easy and later advanced spells.
Although the practical part will mostly fill the lessons (which I´m absolutely looking forward to), I´m won´t be disinterested, if we talk about the Theory of Charms and Spells.
I would be very glad if we could have a resource to read about all the charms we are learning. But I also would be interested in learning about new, not in official sources seen, Charms.

To conclude my introduction essay: I´m very interested in Charms and I´m very glad that I´m able to participate in your course.

Part Two - Journal Plan:

In the first lesson, we learned Charms Lumos and Nox. This was also the first time I ever used Magic for a specific purpose. Due to that, I was very excited, which made me shake and I couldn't perform it on the first try. But that didn´t stop me from trying again until it was working. Reading through the script again and calming down a little helped me a lot to perform my first Charm. So I raised my Wand again and said the incarnation out loud. The wand-waving felt weird at the beginning but after the third or fourth time, I knew that I had the right way of doing it. After I believed in myself and the fact that I was doing everything right it worked.
After I did it I was very excited and tried out the next charm: NOX. This one worked quite well the first time and I was surprised how easy the light at the end of my Wand turned out.
After all, I think failing on the first try was kind of important for me to really realize how magic is working and that I was able to make it work. Maybe without this fail, I would have thought that I could cast every spell I wanted to cast without a problem. This false confidence would have made it hard for me to fail in later lessons. Maybe today I didn´t just learn that I can produce light, I even learned something about myself while writing this Journal essay.