The Magic Atlas
Moodys Best Ferret
Twelve year old Coraline Rose is living her magically regular life- with bullies, confusing friendships, and evil principals in between. One day, one of her close friends Felix Willow gives her an atlas he has hidden in the magical forest. Before she can even thank him, he is torn away from her by a monster tiger living in the forest. It takes him away and vanishes. The tiger is hungry for revenge, but why? The tiger gives Cora a riddle to help her friend. She can't tell anyone, from her best friend Ruby Jones to the wicked bullies Sam Decomo and Dylan Jones to the evil principal, Finch. She must figure out the riddle, travel halfway around the world, and fight the tiger with nothing but a backpack, a couple of wickedly sharp swords that run on an unknown magic, a good luck charm, and a cat. Read along as Cora make her lefts and rights against evil bunny rabbits, possessed librarians, and clues from Felix. She has a mission- to help Felix survive! THIS BOOK IS IN PROGRESS! PLEASE SAVE IT TO YOUR BOOKSHELF FOR MY FREQUENT UPDATES! FOLLOW ME IF YOU LIKE MY BOOK! ~MOODY'S BEST FERRET Start Reading