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How to make a Lego Warrior Cat

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Chapter 1

Now, it doesn't exactly look like a cat, so you need to use some imagination. The cover is one I made of Firestar.

You will need:

-2 by 3 piece; 3 thin pieces thick

-2 studs

-2 2 by 1 pieces; 3 thin pieces thick


1. Take the 2 2 by 1's and attack them at either end to the bottom of the 2 by 3.

2. Place studs at one end of the 2 by 3.

You've got a Warrior Cat!


Warrior cat lego pelt colors can be:


Warrior cat eye color pieces can be:

-Light Blue
-Light Green

Eye colors can be transparent or solid.


It will not have ears or a tail; use your imagination for those.

If you make an entire Warrior Cat Clan, you will want to do this next thing in order to tell the cats apart after a battle.

At the end of their body, place a stud in the color of that Clan. The stud can be round, square, sloped, as long as it is 1 flat piece tall.

Color key:

ThunderClan: Red
RiverClan: Blue or Clear White
WindClan: Orange
ShadowClan: Black
SkyClan: Green or Gray

Markers can be transparent or solid.

For a Medicine Cat, add a white stud next to their Clan mark.

Now, for their bodies, you can make them multicolored as long as it is in the same shape.

Have fun!