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I'm a Lupin !?! (a Hogwarts story) CHAPTER 9

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Chapter 9

Sun streams through the dusty windows. I toss around, getting up unsteadily. There’s a heavy rap on the door. I shuffle over to the door and open it. Hagrid is standing there with Boom.
“ ‘Morning!” he says cheerily. I blink heavily and look at him.
I yawn before responding, “Good morning.” Boom walks over to me, wagging his tail. I pet him on the head subconsciously.
“Ready to ‘ead back to the castle?” Hagrid asks, looking at me funny. I rub my eyes and grab my robe. I put it on, straighten my tie and walk back over to the door. I shut the door behind me and walk out into the forest, following Hagrid. I stumble over a couple roots but we make it back to the Hagrid’s hut. He opens the back door and Boom wanders inside. Hagrid motions for me to come inside and I hesitantly walk in. “Eh. . .wou’d you like tea?” Hagrid asks, taking out a mug.
“Yes please,” I reply. I take a seat at his table. Boom walks up to me and cocks his head curiously. I smile and scratch his back. Hagrid takes a kettle away from the diminishing fire and pours the two cups. He places a tea bag in each cup. Hagrid takes a seat across from me, handing me a cup.
“Sugar?” he asks. I shake my head and sip on my tea. Hagrid stirs in some sugar before drinking his. I place my cup back down and look around his cabin.
“What’s that?” I ask, pointing to a creature in a large circular dish in the corner.
“Not’ing,” he says, hurrying to cover it up with a tea towel. Probably illegal, I think, knowing Hagrid’s history. He quickly changes the subject, “How’s it at home?”
“Um, fine.”
“Just fine? Do you do an’thing?” Hagrid asks, finishing his tea. I take a sip.
“Um. . . We don’t do much. I mean we do stuff at night but we usually keep to ourselves during the day,” I reply, unsure on why he’s asking this. Hagrid checks the time, looking at the clock on the wall.
“Right then. Back to the castle you go,” he says standing up. I also stand up and scratch Boom behind his ears. He wags his tail happily. I follow Hagrid out the door. “Keep to the path now. I’ll see you la’er.” I wave goodbye and follow the stone path up to the castle. The lake is shimmering in the distance, the sun dancing across the surface. I walk into the courtyard, heading towards Gryffindor common room. As I climb the steps, I avoid the weird looks other students are giving me. I probably look terrible and have a leaf in my hair or something. I climb through the portrait hole and sit by the fire where Rose and Lily are waiting.
“‘Morning,” I say as I sit down, stifling a yawn.
Lily looks at me worriedly while Rose doesn’t look up from her book but mutters something in acknowledgement. “Are you okay?” Lily asks, looking at me.
“I’m fine, just tired. Why?” I reply, wanting to know why everyone was looking at me differently.
Lily reaches a hand out, pulling a small piece of wood out of my hair along with a leaf. I turn a shade of red from embarrassment. She just smiles and drops it in the fire. “Better. You look sickly,” she observes.
I wave it off. “I’m fine. I was walking near the woods, that’s probably why. . .” Lily gives me a look but doesn’t pursue the subject. Just then Rose looks up and cocks her head at me.
“Oh, how was your walk in the woods?” Rose asks, closing her book and placing it on a side table.
“Fine,” I reply, knowing she’s going to ask about me when we’re alone later.