PotterMonster Magazine Issue #10
PotterMonster Magazine
~A Teen Creativity & Entertainment Magazine~ +++ Here at PotterMonster Magazine we are creative souls. Some people may think that we are a little crazy or that we are “Monsters” for being creative or for being ourselves. At PotterMonster Magazine we provide a platform for which creatives all around the world can connect freely to share and spread the beauty of creativeness (and it’s not just for people who create Harry Potter content, you can create other types of content as well). Whether you are a fandom editor on Instagram, a vlogger on YouTube, a writer on Wattpad (and/or Tumblr), a photographer on Picsart, a comedian on Twitter, or a singer/songwriter/comedian on TikTok, there is a place here for any creative person to share their content and be a part of a supportive community of artists. +++ April 21 Issue+++ Next Issue coming May 5th +++ Start Reading