How Our World works

written by J, X and H

A Science fiction, set in the year roughly around 4000 on what is left of Earth after years of war, pollution, and waste. What is the life of these humans? How advanced have we become? What will be our downfall? Follow Tinsley and her friends and family in this thrilling, heartbreaking, short story. Still in progress! Meant for readers 13+! Hope you enjoy it!

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Mysterious TEASER For How Our World Works

Chapter 1

The clock ticks 22 times a day, many people would think it would be 24 for how many hours there are in a day, but they are wrong. I counted the ticks, and know them by heart. The first will be at at 12:00, then 1:05, 2:10, 3:15, 4:20, 5:25, 6:30, 7:35, 8:40, 9:45 and 10:50 twice a day. These times when the clock ticks are when the two hands on the clock overlap, meet each other, and rejoice in a way to see each other again, with a tick. Our days go by so fast, and repeat in patterns, without us even realizing it. Many people take time for granted and push things off until there’s no time left for them. However, I realized how time flies and how time can be deadly at such a young age. How time can be so terrifying you may ask? Well, it will pass right by you, right under your nose, take someone from you or even take away what your standing on, what you rely on. Your world.

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