All about muggles

written by Oliwia Melody

The muggles have lots of things wizarding families don't know about. If your a muggle born or half blood, you will probably know nearly everything yet if your a pure blood, you wouldn't. As I'm a girl called Oliwia Melody who is a muggle born, I wanted to write a book for others especially pure bloods. If you want to, you can learn all about muggles in this amazing book!

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About the Book and the Author

Chapter 1

The author:

Muggle born Oliwia Melody being about 7 decided to start writing books. Her english was and still is amazing yet she does make some mistakes. She was born at 2010 and didn't have any siblings until about 3-4. Her brother is called Adam. When Oliwia was about 7-8  thats when her little sister was born and her name is Zofia. Oliwia loves school but her favourite subjects at muggle school were maths, english, PE (physical education), science and RE (religous education.) She had a hamster called Iza and when Iza died, Oliwia got another hamster called Tofi. She also had two kittens called JJ and Sadie and they were identical twins!

The book:

This book was published at 4th of December 2021 and is all about muggles. The aurthor knows nearly everything about muggles as she is muggle born. This book is for everyone who is intrested but is meant for pure bloods so they can learn all about muggles.

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