All about muggles

written by Oliwia Melody

The muggles have lots of things wizarding families don't know about. If your a muggle born or half blood, you will probably know nearly everything yet if your a pure blood, you wouldn't. As I'm a girl called Oliwia Melody who is a muggle born, I wanted to write a book for others especially pure bloods. If you want to, you can learn all about muggles in this amazing book!

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Muggle Houses

Chapter 2

The outside of houses

The first subject this book will talk about is houses. Muggle houses are like wizarding ones but unfourtanetly, they are just not magical. Most are made from bricks but some can be made of wood. Some have fireplaces like we do for a warm fire as well as for the floo network. Muggles obviously, just use it for a fire as well as children believe, that Santa comes through it. Some houses don't have this though. Every house should have a window and most also have a front and back garden. Some might be white as well as painted if they are wooden. Some have a porch and some might even have a balcony. A porch is a place where most people keep their shoes and coats. Thanks to porches, houses have two doors which mean they get extra security.  

pictures of porches

The Inside of Houses

An average person would have a kitchen, a bedroom, a dining room, a salon, a toilet and a garden. You could have more than one of each of course. A poor person must have somewhere to cook, sleep, eat, go to the toilet in and relax in even if this means doing it all in one room. Someone rich would have lots and lots of rooms unless they don't want them of course.


In the bedroom, there would always be a bed, a wardrobe, somewhere to write, somewhere to put your things in, a lamp, at least one book and some entertainment. Some people would also have an alarm clock. Most windows have a windowsill and some people even have their own libary and toilet! A poor person must have a bed to sleep in, a place to put their clothes and entertainment even if this means all on the floor.


The kitchen is the place where you cook and store your food in. Everyone who can afford it must have a fridge, a washing machine, a dryer, shelfs, a cooking machine and cuboards. On the shelves or in the cuboards there must be plates, bowls, food (that doesn't need the fridge,) pots and boxes.

Dining Room

In the dining room a person\s eat their breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and desert. There must be a table with chairs and sometimes a bowl with fruits inside. 


The salon is the place where people relax and watch TV in. An average salon would have a sofa, a TV, an armchair, lots of pillows and sometimes toys and a bookshelf. Some people like to have some healthy, beautiful plants inside this room.


The toilet\bathroom is where people go to the toilet and bath in. Obviously. In this room, there is always a bath\shower, toilet paper, a toilet, a sink, soap, body soap, hair shampoo, cuboards, toothpaste, sprays, hairbrushes, hairbands, hairclips and a toothbrush.

Types of Houses

Normally an average person would have normal sized house either detached, semi-detached or terraced. A detached house is a house not joined to another. A semi-detached is two houses joined together and a terraced is more than two together. Average people might also want to own a bungalow though mostly poor people have this. A bungalow is a house with one floor. Some people might live in a flat. A flat is a house owned by one person but lots of people live in it. These are very high and have many floors and only some have a garden.

Examples of houses

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