All about muggles

written by Oliwia Melody

The muggles have lots of things wizarding families don't know about. If your a muggle born or half blood, you will probably know nearly everything yet if your a pure blood, you wouldn't. As I'm a girl called Oliwia Melody who is a muggle born, I wanted to write a book for others especially pure bloods. If you want to, you can learn all about muggles in this amazing book!

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Chapter 3

How does electricity work

Electronics are things like TVs or phones. Electricity works because of lots of different conductor elements which are joined together to make an amazing effect of electricity. The different conductor elements make a flow of electron-stealing patterns through them. The flow is called the current. The conductors must be surrounded by insulators to make sure the current goes in only one dirrection.


TV is only a shortener for television. A TV lets us watch our favourite program or our picked film like Harry Potter. Televisions work thanks to a video signal that is turned into beams of tiny particles called electrons. The beams 'paint' on a screen and they shoot through a picture tube so we can watch what we want to watch.   

examples of TVs


Phones are electronics that 80% of the world now has. There are so much different types of phones including Iphones, Samsungs, Apples, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC and Motorola. Phones modulate a radio wave using an electrical signal. The radio wave travels through the air to a tower that sends your voice to the person your calling to. 


Computers are objects that are used for lots of things including work. These recieve data through an input unit based on the instructions it's given. After it processes the data, it sends back through an output device. Learn more about computers here.

There are other electronic devices but these are the most used ones. If you are intrested about anthing mentioned, press one of the buttons.

How do TVs work:

Pictures of phones:

How do phones work:

Pictures of computers:


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