All about muggles

written by Oliwia Melody

The muggles have lots of things wizarding families don't know about. If your a muggle born or half blood, you will probably know nearly everything yet if your a pure blood, you wouldn't. As I'm a girl called Oliwia Melody who is a muggle born, I wanted to write a book for others especially pure bloods. If you want to, you can learn all about muggles in this amazing book!

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Chapter 4

Muggles have lots of similar or not things to entertain them. Some are for playing, some for reading! This chapter will be all about it.


Girls entertainment can depend on age. Girls aged 1-3 love lots of different toys. I know that some girls this age love playing with ponys, dolls, animals, living creatures, lego duplo and even cars! They still don't care what they play with as long as it's fun. I don't recommend giving babys this age to much electronics as that can affect them hugely. Parents or siblings can read some nice books to the baby. Girls the age of 4-6 would love playing with animals, dolls, ponys, living creatures, lego duplo as well as some still love cars. These ages should now start to learn to read as well as making sure to be read to by their parents, older friends or siblings. Another entertainment for this age is other friends their age. Girls would love to play and sleep with some cute teddy bears. Aged 7-10, girls already should be able to read but 10 fluently. At that age, I (the author) still had over 35 teddys in my bed or maybe even 40 and I still wanted more! Another entertainment is about dolls, ponys, living creatures, animals and by this age, makeup! This age and over really does care about their look. Girls aged 11-18 love makeup, clothes and shopping as these ages get a little bored with toys though some don't. 19+ barely ever play with toys unless they play with a child. Some of these ages still love shopping, makeup and clothes. Every girl, whatever age, loves the cinema and bowling.

Girl toys:


Boys aged 1-3 love to play with, like girls, living creatures, animals, dinosaurs, cars and books. (as long as they are read to.) Again, not to much electronics for these ages. Ages 4-6, love soldier games, cars, living creatures, dinosaurs and animals. This age should starts getting some nice teddys and should also start getting some education. Ages 7-10 love soldier games, cars, living creatures, dinosaures and should be able to read fluently until 10 years old. Ages 11-18 love soldier games especially as well as nice boxing. Ages 19+, wouldn't play with toys much unless with a child. These ages are quite happy to read and have a walk (not all people would.)

Boy toys:

There are lots of other entertainments including board games or the park but of course, these are some of the main ones. Here are some specific entertainment types you might want to see:

Children books:

Thick books:




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